Pegasus & Core Release Notes for March 2024

Pegasus Release Notes


Added “Hours of Service” Module


  • Alerts

    • Added cycle information (HoS) in the alert
  • Automation

    • Added geofence speed limit option for the condition: “Is inside a geofence”. The trigger will fire when the vehicle reaches a speed greater than the speed limit for the geofence.
    • Added translations for trigger conditions
    • Added the following options in Alert Actions: “Open dialog immediately”, “Require a read receipt”, “Resolution integration”.
    • Fixed trigger speeding inside the geofence. The alert was activated without reaching the limit
  • API

    • Added Surfsight Dashcam Integration
    • Added Jimi Camara Integration
    • Flespi
      • Update can.dtc param by can.dtc.array. The parameter can.dtc is currently of string type and will be converted to type array with separate DTC codes.
      • Queclink – Integrated analog fields
      • Teltonika
        • Integration of Fuel level for Escort RS232/RS485
        • Fixed teltonika fmc920 that was not reporting the battery level in Pegasus
  • Configuration Manager

    • Added global configuration changes for super users
    • Added global creation of new core labels by super user
  • Documentation

    • Integration and reception of Alerts with Telegram
  •  Organization

    • User – Added filter by first and last name
    • Device – Added translations for segment setup
    • Vehicle –  Added filter by VIN
    • Vehicle – Fixed disassociating a group from a vehicle and fixed the message showing the number of groups associated with the vehicle.
    • Asset – Improvements in the massive creation of assets

  • Preferences

    • Added Polish language
  •  Reports

    • Fixed, scheduling via button in report generation
    • Trip Analysis Between Geofences Report – Fixed wrong data in some columns on csv & xlsx files
    • Activity Details Report – Fixed the filter of the speed limit configurated in geofence
    • Activity Details Report – Fixed incomplete speeding events with device configuration. There was one event not reflected in the report
    • Engine Stats – Fixed generated report with zero values, the report will only show the vehicles that have information in the date range selected
    • Scheduled Report- Fixed report when the last mont option is selected. In this case, days and hours values ​​are set to 0
    • The reports to be sent by email will be compressed if exceed 25MB
    • Scheduled Report – Fixed the amount of days in the “For the past” column
    • Trips Report – Added filter by vehicle name in Detail Tab
  •  Settings

    • Add option for custom apps open in new window
    • Added HoS option to enable the Hours of Service Application
  • Tracking

    • Fixed Surfsight speeding data
    • Fixed load Ruptela photos

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