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Admin Guide

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Quick Start #

Welcome to the administrative guide to using your Pegasus Gateway effectively. 



  • API – used by developers to develop their own applications using data from your Gateway. More info
  • Jobs – whenever a report is generated it creates a job, which is a script that handles the data you request from the report in our servers
  • Tasks – also known as scheduled reports, they are set on a custom schedule and can execute jobs automatically
  • Accessories – the system can handle lots of sensors and accessories depending on your application, for example:
    • iButton – unique id that’s printed on a dime sized chip, used to identify drivers.
    • RFID – used for remote identification of things and people
    • Bluetooth Tag – multi sensor that can measure temperature / humidity / light and more.
    • ECU or ECU Monitor – Engine Control Unit – this is the accessory that connects to your vehicle’s OBDII port or truck’s J1939/J1708 port in order to read the engine data
    • Temperature or Analog Interface – this sensor measures temperature with 3 probes, or analog readings
    • Photocam – photo capturing camera
    • Serial Expander – used to connect multiple cameras
    • Input / Output Expander – used to extend the amount of input sensors and outputs per device
    • Satcom – communicates with 
    • Technoton™ – used to connect to a fuel tank for level measurement
    • Mobileye™ – smart collision avoidance system that can monitor your driver’s behavior in realtime

Administration #

The following sections are recommended for all admins to follow in order to get the full customizable gateway experience.

Appearance #

Mail Email Account #

Enabling Maps on your Gateway #

In order to enable additional Map services such as – Google maps please follow the tutorials below.

Click here to download the guide:   English   Español

Securing your Gateway #

Pointing your Domain #

Auto Registry #

Trips #

Reports #

Scheduled #

Organization #

Configurations #

Users & Permissions #

Working with Labels #

Forwarders #

Diagnostics #

Device Console #

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