Procedure for returning Syrus devices under and out of warranty 

What is an RMA?

It stands for Return Merchandise Authorization, and it is the process of having a product repaired or replaced in order to receive a refund or credit for another product from the same retailer or corporation (DCT) within the product’s warranty period

What is an NWR?

It stands for Non-Warranty Repair, and it is the process of repairing Syrus devices in DCT laboratory that are out of warranty.  This implies there are fees for revision.

STEP 1 – Your device is NOT functioning

If your device is not functioning, please contact DCT via:

    1. Phone: +1.305.809.0638
    1. Email:
    1. Chat:

STEP 2 – Support Engineer troubleshoots and determines eligibility

Our technical support engineers will work with you to troubleshoot the device and determine the eligibility of RMA or NWR.
Note: Your device must be UNDER WARRANTY in order to qualify for a laboratory revision without fees; however this does not mean the devices will be replaced or fixed. Under warranty means 1 year since the date it was purchased from DCT. For more information please read DCT’s LIMITED WARRANTY
You can send an email to at any time to know the date the warranty expires of any unit.

STEP 3 – Fill out RMA or NWR Form with description on fault & case number

When filling out the form please write the case assigned to your RMA or NWR.



STEP 4 – Approval process & generation of RMA/NWR form

NOTE: Standard RMA/NWR approval time is 24-48 business hours.

STEP 5 – RMA is approved and RMA number is assigned

Upon approval of your RMA or NWR, you will receive an email with the RMA/NWR form & number attached.  This form has the address which you should ship the devices to.

NOTE: You are responsible for any expenses you may incur in delivering your defective product to our office facility.

For devices UNDER WARRANTY (RMAs) – please ship the devices to our office facility 30 days within receipt of this RMA.  Failure to do so will void the RMA and a new one will have to be requested, thus delaying the process.
For devices OUT OF WARRANTY (NWR) – the NWR form is valid for 6 months, failure to send the devices after 6 months automatically voids the NWR and a new one will have to be submitted.

STEP 6 – Place devices in a tight concealed padded box and ship back to us

Shipping address is on the RMA/NWR form.
NOTE: Please put your device(s) WITHOUT cables, or SIM Cards.  You should only ship the device(s) along with the internal battery.  *DCT is NOT responsible for any lost cables or SIM cards.

STEP 7 – You will be notified by email upon receipt of devices

You will be notified by email once we receive the devices successfully. 
NOTE: Additional or missing devices will be mentioned in the email and will delay the procedure.

STEP 8 – Fixing devices / Replacing

Once DCT receives the defective product from you we work on fixing and diagnosing them.

STEP 9 – Results

We will email you with details on the status of the devices, as well as a sheet with a summary and recommendations on what was found.

STEP 10 – We ship the devices back!

Once the shipping address and payment information has been verified and submitted, we will ship the devices back according to your instructions.

Before proceeding with the RMA process we strongly recommend downloading the diagnostic guides and going through our Diagnostic Guides onlinet:

Syrus 1 Diagnostic Guide – Online

Syrus 2 Diagnostic Guide – Online

DCT – Syrus GPS: General Diagnostic Guide PDF 

Limited Warranty

English – Syrus Limited Warranty