Software Updates

Pegasus App improvements:

    • Dashboards> Added a new dashboards app, the application requires a forwarder set up and an option to be enabled on the gateway preferences via the API
    • Org> Added two new icons, SOS and !
    • Tracking> Removed ecu first data from tracking dashboard as it was not relevant information
    • Tracking > When using the share location button alerts are now hidden
    • Dashboards> Fixed a bug where it was not visible to end users

Reports improvements:

    • There is a way to hide fields from the report parameters, this is done in the api
    • Fixed a bug with the order of the Excel separate sheets when the vehicle names start with a number, summary will always show first
    • Multiple> Added an option to export Excel to one sheet per vehicle to the following reports: • 24hr • Activity_details • Adas • Alerts • Consumption_productivity • Counters • Entity_summary • Events_count • Events_duration • Fault_code • Fuel • Full_report • Idling • Metrics • Offline • Satcom • Speeding • Tpms • Trips • Visits
    • Multiple> Added names and translations to the custom properties field for the following reports: • Activity_details • Idling • Offline • Speeding_durations • Visits
    • Speeding> Migration of report, optimization of code, bug fixes with converted values, and improvements to the layout of the overspeed values, and the duration of the overspeeding, also added an option for single column timestamp
    • Speeding> Fixed a bug generating the report
    • Activity details> Fixed a bug when events were filtered from the parameters, but it would show up because it went over the speed limit set.
    • Idling> Improvements to excessive ECU values, added an option for single column timestamp
    • Mileage> Improvements to translations
    • Engine_stats> Added decimal for fuel efficiency
    • Fault_code> Cleaned up the SPN and FMI selectors visually, removed the select all option