Pegasus & Core Release Notes for April 2024

Pegasus Release Notes


  • API

    • Reversegeo API
      • Fixed latitude, longitude with POI in reversegeo API. There was a POI that was not showing in the reversegeo request.
      • Added parameter ‘types’= id_collection, in reversegeo API. With this param the response will include geofences that are Points of Interest within the specified radius.
    • Suntech – Change the console command API endpoint to get a response
    • Updated the ;IX tag to receive embedded inputs and outputs from Syrus 4 and IOs Expander
    • Added new pegasus rawdata fields for ;IMU tag
    • Updated FWD:gauss_control #8578. The `start` field was changed to date type , example: “start”:”2019-08-21 16:20:02”.
  • Applications

    • Fixed Apps option. It was throwing an error when trying to access the Applications option.
  • Geofence

    • Fixed speed limit unit when downloading the geofence/collection file. The speed limit unit corresponds with the user preference distance field #8589
  • Reports

    • Temperature report migration and improvements. The Temperature Reports was renamed by “Temperature History”. The report allow more than one vehicle, filter by a temperature range, by analog input. Show temp1 to temp 10, humidity, input analogs.

    • Live Temperature Report now displays the vehicle selector on the left panel and the Live Temperature on the right.

    • Activity Details / Incidents Report – Added a new event for possible crash detection and trip-related information for events.

    • To fix the queuing and delay in generating reports, it is restricted that a user does not occupy the entire queue.

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for March 2024

Pegasus Release Notes


Added “Hours of Service” Module


  • Alerts

    • Added cycle information (HoS) in the alert
  • Automation

    • Added geofence speed limit option for the condition: “Is inside a geofence”. The trigger will fire when the vehicle reaches a speed greater than the speed limit for the geofence.
    • Added translations for trigger conditions
    • Added the following options in Alert Actions: “Open dialog immediately”, “Require a read receipt”, “Resolution integration”.
    • Fixed trigger speeding inside the geofence. The alert was activated without reaching the limit
  • API

    • Added Surfsight Dashcam Integration
    • Added Jimi Camara Integration
    • Flespi
      • Update can.dtc param by can.dtc.array. The parameter can.dtc is currently of string type and will be converted to type array with separate DTC codes.
      • Queclink – Integrated analog fields
      • Teltonika
        • Integration of Fuel level for Escort RS232/RS485
        • Fixed teltonika fmc920 that was not reporting the battery level in Pegasus
  • Configuration Manager

    • Added global configuration changes for super users
    • Added global creation of new core labels by super user
  • Documentation

    • Integration and reception of Alerts with Telegram
  •  Organization

    • User – Added filter by first and last name
    • Device – Added translations for segment setup
    • Vehicle –  Added filter by VIN
    • Vehicle – Fixed disassociating a group from a vehicle and fixed the message showing the number of groups associated with the vehicle.
    • Asset – Improvements in the massive creation of assets

  • Preferences

    • Added Polish language
  •  Reports

    • Fixed, scheduling via button in report generation
    • Trip Analysis Between Geofences Report – Fixed wrong data in some columns on csv & xlsx files
    • Activity Details Report – Fixed the filter of the speed limit configurated in geofence
    • Activity Details Report – Fixed incomplete speeding events with device configuration. There was one event not reflected in the report
    • Engine Stats – Fixed generated report with zero values, the report will only show the vehicles that have information in the date range selected
    • Scheduled Report- Fixed report when the last mont option is selected. In this case, days and hours values ​​are set to 0
    • The reports to be sent by email will be compressed if exceed 25MB
    • Scheduled Report – Fixed the amount of days in the “For the past” column
    • Trips Report – Added filter by vehicle name in Detail Tab
  •  Settings

    • Add option for custom apps open in new window
    • Added HoS option to enable the Hours of Service Application
  • Tracking

    • Fixed Surfsight speeding data
    • Fixed load Ruptela photos

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for February 2024

Pegasus Release Notes


  • Alerts

    • Added cycle information (HoS) in the alert
    • Added “Alert Date” field on the top of alert dialog, and the “Date” field was renowned by “Event Date”.
  • API

    • Queclink Kamaleon
      • Added parse float for SoC in DE payload.
      • Added mapping for DY message.
    • Queclink
      • Added btt sensor mapping to support 10 sensors.
    • Teltonika (FMC130 and FMU130)
      • Integrated location button (getgps).
    • Traffilog
      • Added Traffilog to 3rd party devices mappings.
    • Automation
      • Fixed “resolved_by” in Alerts/Trigger_logs.
      • Added HoS data to trigger_logs.
    • Fixes to parse photo in 3er party devices.
    • Fixes video link for emails.
    • Added new devices on FTP allowed list (Jimi and CMS DVR).
  • Applications

    • Taurus App – Support new Android versions (v 12+)
  • Automation

    • Added the following options in Alert Actions: “Open dialog immediately”, “Require a read receipt”, “Resolution integration”.
    • Speed limit option for inside geofence conditions.
  • Core

    • HoS API
      • Added entity’s latitude and longitude at the time the work segment ends. If the entity has not finished its work segment, the latitude and longitude of the current cycle are displayed.
      • Get last changelog before working time.
      • Fixed date filter.
    • Added listener restart required on devices reporting before they’re added to the site database.
    • Forwarder permanence – Added instructor field based on the vehicle’s properties.
    • Atrack
      • Added AK7S to AK7V mappings.
    • Concox JM-VL502
      • Mapped Engine parameters.
    • Teltonika FMC130
      • Mapped battery.voltage and battery.leve
    • Traccar
      • Added integration
  • Dev Console

    • Fixed RER04 for command on configurations with new allowed commands.
  • Geofence

    • Fixed geofence visualizing when the geofences are not created correctly.
  •  Organization

    • Added Fuel accessory to Ruptela devices.
    • Added new media configuration for video, camera devices KY r448.
    • Added 3 new vehicles icon and 1 truck icon.
    • Device – Added phone number in sim cards.
    • Fixed set and delete phone number on devices.
  •  Reports

    • Created a sub-engine to reorder columns in the Activity Details Report.
    • Created the TJB column in Alert Report, Speeding Durations Report and Activity Details Report.
    • Fixed duplicated data in Speeding Durations Report.
    • Fixed double .zip
    • Fuel – Added the fuel theft percentage as a parameter.
    • Fuel – Fixed differences in the Details Tab when a range of 3 days or more is selected.
    • Scheduled – Improvements to the range date, now the user can select the last month, and also can choose the days of the week.
    • Engine stats – Replaced the word undefined to —
    • Trips – Removed token in URL.
  •  Tracking

    • Fixed vehicle icon when the vehicle doesn’t send the speed.

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for January 2024

Pegasus Release Notes


  • Core

    • Validate geofence overlap
  • General

    • Fixed Support Chat
  • Geofence

    • Fixed visualizing geofence areas.
  •  Organization

    • Fixed message when a vehicle is updated.
    • Basic users with scope can do the association vehicle-device even if the user doesn’t have access to see the IMEI.
    • Improvements in asset management. For Taurus assets, there are these sections: Properties, Groups, Taurus, Device. For Enhanced assets, there are these sections: Properties, Peripherals, Groups, Device. For Regular assets, there are these sections: Properties, Peripherals, Groups.
  •  Reports

    • Fixed inconsistencies related to GPS distance, ECU distance, and fuel consumption in the Fuel Consumption Report and Trips Report.
    • Fixed last value reported by the odometer in Engine Stats Report.
    • Fixed odometer inconsistencies in Engine Stas Report and Daily Entity Summary Report.
  •  Setting

    • Enable device trip configuration for site admins.

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for December 2023

Pegasus Release Notes


  • Automation

    • The label selector in the Choose condition dialog was improved; when the label is selected it will disappear from the selector list because it is already selected.
  •  Console

    • The Admin role can delete the custom commands.
  • Core

    • Howen Dashcam Integration.
    • Fixed the payload in syrlynx devices.
    • Queclink, integrated hourometer.
    • Supported custom string field in json interoperability receiver.
    • Queclink GV310LAU, Integrated position request and SECO.
    • Handling output activations for the new Lynx model.
    • Fixed travel setup for admin users.
  •  Dashboards

    • Added option to hide engine error codes without description.
    • Added time zone support.
  • Geofence

    • Fixed, import geofences with alphanumeric names.
  •  Organization

    • Fixed, assets download file, now the Excel includes the phone number.
    • Fixed, warning firmware outdated. The warning icon appears when the firmware version is outdated.
    • Fixed update numerical properties when an asset is created.
    • Updated error text when trying to associate a device with a vehicle.
  • Raw Data

    • Filter by API field sets was improved, when the element is selected it will disappear from the selector list.
  •  Reports

    • Fuel Consumption Report – Fixed, values shown in Charts. The values shown in the Charts match with the values shown in details.
    • Fuel Consumption Report – Fixed, stolen fuel consumption. The report was giving a false fuel theft.
    • Schedule Report can report geofence visits depending on the configured time.
    • Added Snapshot Report.
    • Virtualized Fuel Consumption in Daily Counters Report.
    • The columns reports can be deleted instead of hidden.
    • Fixed generated speed events in Schedule Report.
    • Added Geofences that were not visited in Visit Report.
    • Fixed SAP empty fields in Activity Details Report.
    • Points of interest are already shown when using the speed limits option in geofence in Speeding Durations Report.
    • Added new label for aggressive curves in Activity Details Report.
    • The geofence speed limit column values ​​were rounded in the Activity Details Report.
    • Fixed generated speed limit event in the Activity Details Report. Now the report shows only the speed events that meet the speed limit condition.
    • Fixed export format XLSX in the Speed Durations.
    • Fixed the alerts generated in the Alert Report.
    • Fixed changelogs with different order code in the Alert Report.
  •  Tracking

    • The ENGINE DATA button in Metrics Card will be hidden when the vehicle hasn’t ecu params.
    • Fixed, loading vehicles that don’t have fuel level.
  • Trips

    • The green and red colors were removed from the path trip.

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for November 2023

Pegasus Release Notes


  • Alerts

    • In the Alert dialog, it was added whether the alert occurred before or after meridian (AM/PM).
    • The option to create a notice depends on the user’s scope. The create notice will be hidden for basic users.
    • Redesign of Email and Alert Notifications in the UI.
    • Added an enable button to open the closed alerts.
  • Dashboard

    • All vehicles are loaded.
  • Forms

    • Fixed PDF visualization in Microsoft Edge with Windows 10/11.
  • General

    • Fixed pass email link for mobile app.
  • Geofences

    • Geofence properties that already exist within a template were hidden.
  • Organization

    • Asset properties that already exist within a template were hidden.
    • The association button in Vehicles is enabled depending on the user’s scope.
    • Improvements in assets.
      • When creating an asset the properties are now correctly shown before saving.
      • Editing an existing property shows the name of the property correctly.
    • Supported selection of Topflytech configurations on UI.
    • Added two new parameters: `max_continuous_work_hours` and `min_break_hours` on device setup segment. See Documentation
  • Reports

    • Fixed custom properties limit.
    • Implement virtualization of idle fuel consumption in Fuel & Trips Reports.
    • Fixed inconsistence in Idling Fuel and Driving Hours in Consumption, Productivity, and use by Vehicle Report.
    • Fixed fuel cost calculation in Mileage Report.
    • Fixed unattended alerts in Alert Report.
    • Added a loader in Reports. The loader will be displayed while the report is rendering.
    • Implemented virtualization of idle fuel consumption in Fuel Consumption Report.
    • Fixed undetected fills in Fuel Consumption Report.
    • Fixed negatives values in hourmeter and odometer in Overview Report.
    • Report management -Added option to hide shipments columns.
  • Routes

    • Fixed routes that are evaluated by the vehicle.
    • Fixed displaying vehicles with routes when selecting vehicles without routes.
  • Tracking

    • Fixed the icon when receiving event with not valid position.
  • Mobile Apps

    • Google Play’s target API level requirements.
  • API/Core Changes (version 7.2.0)

    • Fixed RPV Parser
    • Addition of max_continuous_work_hours` and `min_break_hours` in the segment configuration API.
    • ECU new OBD fields to map
    • Queclink GV350M Persistence of iButton
    • Teltonika main power V
    • Commands and responses from the Console for third party devices
    • Added option to skip checkpoints on the Neoris permanence forwarder
    • Cipia driver ID as an ibutton, for more information read the following message

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for September 2023

Pegasus Release Notes


⭐ New Feature: Points of Interest

    • Geofences have a new property that makes them a “Point of Interest (POI)”
    • Alerts popup now shows any nearby POIs (within 30km of the alert)
    • Documentation
  • Automation

    • General fix for triggers that have an entered condition, it was sending 2 emails before
    • Fixes for telegram triggers that were duplicated, a wrong ID set previously
    • Fixed search of custom properties in the Catalog when building custom entity properties and improvements in the selector
  • Alerts

    • Added support for a dynamic map (including sites without a Google API key)
    • Added a section that shows if there are any nearby checkpoints to the alert generated
    • Fixed the order in which incoming alerts are displayed.
    • Fixed the subject and email body for alerts with geofence information.
  • Tracking

    • Improved the export vehicle list that’s in tracking, address resolution is now done on all coordinates
    • Vehicle dialog contains the event label text better when the length exceeds 30 characters
    • Deprecation warning – the push notifications in the Chat section for Taurus assets are no longer supported, pending a Taurus update to reenable
    • There’s a mini menu button next to the toggle view that lets you select the view to switch to
    • Fixes to the fuel level shown when using gallon units in preferences
    • Added the time that Features (outputs) where activated/deactivated at
    • Fixed temperature data, now is updating automatically in UI.
    • Fixed temperature icon duplicated. There is only one icon related to the temp_value. Deleted from tooltip parameters: temp_a, temp_b, temp_c.
    • Fixed wrong speed in some vehicles with ECU data
    • Tooltips now allow selecting the text and copying
    • Address resolution was improved to show large geofences
    • The Hours of Service CLOSE button was enabled only for Overworked entities since it doesn’t apply to other cases
  • Geofences

    • The collection edition button was fixed,  :pencil2: it used to hide on the first open
    • Geofence properties added a checkbox for making a geofence a Point of Interest
  • Rawdata

    • Support for decimals in speeds reported from Syrus 4 devices
    • Fixed boolean values that changed to decimals instead of showing the checkmark vs X icon :heavy_check_mark: vs :x:
    • Support modem temperature field. Temperature can be a negative value
    • Adding in RawData API new parameters related to entities and assets
    • Coordinates are trimmed to 5 decimal places
  • Reports

    • live-temperature – Fixed a bug where the temperature column didn’t appear in the summary, also removed duplicate fields in the legend
    • Fuel report – hiding unused sensors
    • General improvements to all reports that support custom properties, faster resolution, able to load more data
    • Rounding correction in speeding & speeding_durations
    • Fixed incorrect counters on Trips Report. Fixed inconsistencies between data from Trips Report and app
    • Changes in tracking columns order on Trips Report.
    • Fixes in Fuel Report, now show all entities that reported fuel.
    • Fuel Report improvement related to the information based on fills and vehicle tank level.
    • Fixes in Alert Report, now show all the alerts that are in the app, including the unattended alerts, the custom properties, and the transactions.
  • Dashboards

    • Improvements to the group, and vehicle selector filters
    • Added a new filter for TSP in the TSP Audit Dashboard
    • Added the ability to rename the selectors (this is configured in the settings)
    • Assigned ECU data priority to distance, engine hours, and idling hours panels in all dashboards
  • Organization

    • vehicles Added new tractor icons to the entity icon selector
    • vehicles A warning is now shown in case the vehicle has more than 5 device associations
    • vehicles The download/export list of vehicles now includes the fuel information about the vehicle
    • users Support for new user scopes for the creation and deletion of vehicles and assets in the application
    • devices Added a configuration selector for Queclink devices (note that this does not edit the configuration of the device, it’s used primarily for label assignment or output behavior)
    • groups Added sorting in the groups list
    • groups Fixes to the dynamic group synchronization
    • Vehicle device associations order was fixed, it now shows the most recent 5.
  • Webservices

    • Added support for a new field in the general configuration called __ecu_speed_float which converts the ecu speed from integer to floats (by default it’s not defined so the data is still sent as integer, but eventually we’ll make this a requirement)
  • API/Core Changes (version 7.2.0)

    • We released an update to the Pegasus Interoperability JSON receiver documentation, it mentions support for decimals in the fuel consumed.
    • Other changes include:
      • Improvements to amount of data retrieved with the alerts API
      • Documented how to retrieve report counters
      • Addition of nearby parameter in the reversegeo to search for nearby points of interest (geofences)
      • Support for more events and fields from third party devices (Atrack, Concox, Queclink, Teltonika, Ruptela, among others)
    • Added a new filter for trigger message templates called: toDate. This filter convert from `epoch` to `timestamp`
    • Titan devices can specify the parser to apply to the device using the managed configuration, new parameter “supported_versions” (see kys: r419, r418)
    • Fixed entity replication for enhanced assets that are assigned to Syrus 4 devices
    • Added a virtual event when an enhanced asset is no longer assigned to a vehicle
    • Scope: allows forced linking.
    • Handling of empty ;TS tags (modem temperature from Syrus 4 devices).

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for August 2023

Pegasus Release Notes

⭐ New Feature: Custom Properties JSON Schema

  • You can now specify a json schema in the site settings that can be used to create a custom form for the properties of Vehicles, Assets, and Geofences

⭐ New Feature: Odometer & Hourmeter in Event Popup

  • The event popup message on the map now includes the odometer & hourmeter at the time the event was generated

⭐ New Feature: Import Assets Tool

  • You can now import assets in organization similar to how geofences are imported.

⭐ New Feature: Cipia 4G Videos + Photos

  • If you have a Cipia 4G device you can configure it to report straight to Pegasus and assign a configuration (r383) that allows the upload of photos and videos


Other Changes

  • Automation

    • Trigger message – when adding entity property with nested json objects, we now show the name of the deepest key
  • Tracking

    • Vehicles that report ECU information now include more detailed information about the ecu data including if a device has stopped receiving the data or seeing changes in it (stale vs recent data). Data that has not been received after a week is marked as expired and assumed that it’s no longer detected
    • If a vehicle stops reporting a temperature sensor it is marked as expired after 1 week of not receiving new data and hidden from the interface
    • Added a helper text on the asset tooltip in the vehicle list which shows the text ‘Last ibutton detected’
    • Vehicles that report via the json-receiver that have not reported in the last 15 min are marked as ‘offline’ until they report again
  • Rawdata

    • Fixed the ✔️ checkmark for ignition status
  • Trips

    • Fixed a bug with viewing history of trips and devices reporting recent events out of order
  • Reports

    • Fixed a bug with the assignment of columns in the trips report
  • Organization

    • Added a button to synchronize dynamic groups (you must have a dynamic group created and filtered in Organization -> Groups to see the button)
    • Added the ability for Cipia FS10 4G devices to select the managed configuration – r83allows for uploading of videos
  • Webservices

    • Forwarders – the max number of messages per request (json only) was increased from 250 to 500

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for June 2023


Pegasus Release Notes

Pegasus Application

  • Automation

    • Trigger messages for entities now include a list of all properties found in site
    • Trigger messages and alerts now include ecu speed information
  • Tracking

    • Added a right-click interaction on the map that shows the coordinates and a link to the location
    • Event popup message now includes max speed from street
  • Trips

    • In the trip summary, we now show a warning in case there are hidden fields selected as favorites
  • Dashboards

    • Added support for hiding dashboards per group
    • Improvements were made to the idling durations and counts per month
  • Reports

    • All
      • when using the report data selectors, if you filter by a group the background is no longer transparent
      • fixed a bug that would eventually duplicate the reports listed
      • added a user selector for generated reports
      • announcing an EOL for the Fuel Level ECU report (July 31, 2023), use the Fuel Report instead.
      • max number of custom properties was increased from 9 to 15
    • Temperature
      • fixed a bug that did not update the temperature in live for certain devices
      • fixed a bug that would exclude temperatures outside a certain range
    • Mileage - report allows you to select columns to show
    • Trips - added a decimal place for the distance traveled
    • Taurus report - added support for selecting custom properties
    • Special development: speeding durations, alerts, activity details, and uber type reports have extended Shipment information
  • Rawdata

    • Improvements were made to the amount of data that’s handled and processed. Larger amounts of data can be queried thanks to this
  • Organization

    • Devices - Segments, fixed a bug that would cause the section to show values that were not configured yet on the device
  • Console

    • We made changes to make sure that tracking resolutions could not be modified via a custom command
  • Changelogs

    • Taurus devices are now showing the imei-asset_id history association
  • Other

    • Solar Asset Tracker - fixed a bug that caused events with no changes to not update the time of the last event
    • Atrack - fixed the fuel priority in case a fuel consumed value was reported in multiple fields
    • Teltonika - adjusted the number of outputs for some teltonika devices based on what they have configured
    • Queclink - made adjustments to improve the processing of events when they were buffered
  • API Changes

    • ecu_total_fuel - now supports decimal values
    • entity linking was throwing an error when associating a vehicle to an asset that had never reported before, this was fixed
    • making requests to changelogs with both properties and info keys were not returning results, this was fixed
    • fixes for America/Mexico_City timezone across APIs and services
    • /bt_tags no longer requires sensor_tags parameter to be defined
    • /labels api improvements and 30s cache upon subsequent label modifications
    • /vehicles association history was limited to 5
    • segments are no longer created if the device does not have a vehicle assigned
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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for May 2023

Pegasus Release Notes

Pegasus Application

  • Tracking

    • Fixed a bug that showed an invalid date when an output had never been activated
    • Fixed a bug that had an incorrect fuel volume for Technoton sensors
    • Adjusted the Teltonika battery % values
    • Assets that are replicated hide the OFFLINE text
    • New battery states were added to indicate levels and connection status
    • Color improvements to 'dark-theme'
    • Fixed a bug that caused an asset not to update correctly in tracking when there was a driver change
    • Fuel tooltip now shows % information from sensors that are not defined in organization->vehicles -> accessories
    • Added a filter for the Fuel Sensor in tracking list, shows sensors with normal and low volumes
    • Trip paths now include an arrow ➡️ showing the location the vehicle traveled (also available in trips app)
  • Trips

    • fixed a bug that would show sometimes show double charts
    • summary shows a small icon that indicates whether the data comes from GPS or ECU (now we show both, not just ECU)
  • Organization

    • Creating a property allows you to select from a catalog of already saved properties
    • added model for the Syrus Lynx devices
    • 🆕 - ADC reading of Syrus Lynx in accessories
    • Added a device model column in SIMs
  • Dashboards

    • Added support for fuel consumed based on fuel percent field
  • Reports

    • offline - improved the battery percentages to be consistent with what's on tracking
    • HOS (working hours) - fixed duplicate and missing fields when showing info with drivers
    • engine_stats - fixed the priority of the odometer value when using the raw_counter_value
    • activity_details - values are now added inside the bars of the charts
  • Console

    • Added a system console section that shows any command sent by the system to a device (for example script configurations, counter sync, query locations, etc).
    • Now we show the number of command retries sent to a device in the outbox
  • Other Changes

    • Teltonika - support for ibuttons, rssi level
    • Topfly - output command adjusted
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