Pegasus & Core Release Notes for November 2023

Pegasus Release Notes


  • Alerts

    • In the Alert dialog, it was added whether the alert occurred before or after meridian (AM/PM).
    • The option to create a notice depends on the user’s scope. The create notice will be hidden for basic users.
    • Redesign of Email and Alert Notifications in the UI.
    • Added an enable button to open the closed alerts.
  • Dashboard

    • All vehicles are loaded.
  • Forms

    • Fixed PDF visualization in Microsoft Edge with Windows 10/11.
  • General

    • Fixed pass email link for mobile app.
  • Geofences

    • Geofence properties that already exist within a template were hidden.
  • Organization

    • Asset properties that already exist within a template were hidden.
    • The association button in Vehicles is enabled depending on the user’s scope.
    • Improvements in assets.
      • When creating an asset the properties are now correctly shown before saving.
      • Editing an existing property shows the name of the property correctly.
    • Supported selection of Topflytech configurations on UI.
    • Added two new parameters: `max_continuous_work_hours` and `min_break_hours` on device setup segment. See Documentation
  • Reports

    • Fixed custom properties limit.
    • Implement virtualization of idle fuel consumption in Fuel & Trips Reports.
    • Fixed inconsistence in Idling Fuel and Driving Hours in Consumption, Productivity, and use by Vehicle Report.
    • Fixed fuel cost calculation in Mileage Report.
    • Fixed unattended alerts in Alert Report.
    • Added a loader in Reports. The loader will be displayed while the report is rendering.
    • Implemented virtualization of idle fuel consumption in Fuel Consumption Report.
    • Fixed undetected fills in Fuel Consumption Report.
    • Fixed negatives values in hourmeter and odometer in Overview Report.
    • Report management -Added option to hide shipments columns.
  • Routes

    • Fixed routes that are evaluated by the vehicle.
    • Fixed displaying vehicles with routes when selecting vehicles without routes.
  • Tracking

    • Fixed the icon when receiving event with not valid position.
  • Mobile Apps

    • Google Play’s target API level requirements.
  • API/Core Changes (version 7.2.0)

    • Fixed RPV Parser
    • Addition of max_continuous_work_hours` and `min_break_hours` in the segment configuration API.
    • ECU new OBD fields to map
    • Queclink GV350M Persistence of iButton
    • Teltonika main power V
    • Commands and responses from the Console for third party devices
    • Added option to skip checkpoints on the Neoris permanence forwarder
    • Cipia driver ID as an ibutton, for more information read the following message

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for September 2023

Pegasus Release Notes


⭐ New Feature: Points of Interest

    • Geofences have a new property that makes them a “Point of Interest (POI)”
    • Alerts popup now shows any nearby POIs (within 30km of the alert)
    • Documentation
  • Automation

    • General fix for triggers that have an entered condition, it was sending 2 emails before
    • Fixes for telegram triggers that were duplicated, a wrong ID set previously
    • Fixed search of custom properties in the Catalog when building custom entity properties and improvements in the selector
  • Alerts

    • Added support for a dynamic map (including sites without a Google API key)
    • Added a section that shows if there are any nearby checkpoints to the alert generated
    • Fixed the order in which incoming alerts are displayed.
    • Fixed the subject and email body for alerts with geofence information.
  • Tracking

    • Improved the export vehicle list that’s in tracking, address resolution is now done on all coordinates
    • Vehicle dialog contains the event label text better when the length exceeds 30 characters
    • Deprecation warning – the push notifications in the Chat section for Taurus assets are no longer supported, pending a Taurus update to reenable
    • There’s a mini menu button next to the toggle view that lets you select the view to switch to
    • Fixes to the fuel level shown when using gallon units in preferences
    • Added the time that Features (outputs) where activated/deactivated at
    • Fixed temperature data, now is updating automatically in UI.
    • Fixed temperature icon duplicated. There is only one icon related to the temp_value. Deleted from tooltip parameters: temp_a, temp_b, temp_c.
    • Fixed wrong speed in some vehicles with ECU data
    • Tooltips now allow selecting the text and copying
    • Address resolution was improved to show large geofences
    • The Hours of Service CLOSE button was enabled only for Overworked entities since it doesn’t apply to other cases
  • Geofences

    • The collection edition button was fixed,  :pencil2: it used to hide on the first open
    • Geofence properties added a checkbox for making a geofence a Point of Interest
  • Rawdata

    • Support for decimals in speeds reported from Syrus 4 devices
    • Fixed boolean values that changed to decimals instead of showing the checkmark vs X icon :heavy_check_mark: vs :x:
    • Support modem temperature field. Temperature can be a negative value
    • Adding in RawData API new parameters related to entities and assets
    • Coordinates are trimmed to 5 decimal places
  • Reports

    • live-temperature – Fixed a bug where the temperature column didn’t appear in the summary, also removed duplicate fields in the legend
    • Fuel report – hiding unused sensors
    • General improvements to all reports that support custom properties, faster resolution, able to load more data
    • Rounding correction in speeding & speeding_durations
    • Fixed incorrect counters on Trips Report. Fixed inconsistencies between data from Trips Report and app
    • Changes in tracking columns order on Trips Report.
    • Fixes in Fuel Report, now show all entities that reported fuel.
    • Fuel Report improvement related to the information based on fills and vehicle tank level.
    • Fixes in Alert Report, now show all the alerts that are in the app, including the unattended alerts, the custom properties, and the transactions.
  • Dashboards

    • Improvements to the group, and vehicle selector filters
    • Added a new filter for TSP in the TSP Audit Dashboard
    • Added the ability to rename the selectors (this is configured in the settings)
    • Assigned ECU data priority to distance, engine hours, and idling hours panels in all dashboards
  • Organization

    • vehicles Added new tractor icons to the entity icon selector
    • vehicles A warning is now shown in case the vehicle has more than 5 device associations
    • vehicles The download/export list of vehicles now includes the fuel information about the vehicle
    • users Support for new user scopes for the creation and deletion of vehicles and assets in the application
    • devices Added a configuration selector for Queclink devices (note that this does not edit the configuration of the device, it’s used primarily for label assignment or output behavior)
    • groups Added sorting in the groups list
    • groups Fixes to the dynamic group synchronization
    • Vehicle device associations order was fixed, it now shows the most recent 5.
  • Webservices

    • Added support for a new field in the general configuration called __ecu_speed_float which converts the ecu speed from integer to floats (by default it’s not defined so the data is still sent as integer, but eventually we’ll make this a requirement)
  • API/Core Changes (version 7.2.0)

    • We released an update to the Pegasus Interoperability JSON receiver documentation, it mentions support for decimals in the fuel consumed.
    • Other changes include:
      • Improvements to amount of data retrieved with the alerts API
      • Documented how to retrieve report counters
      • Addition of nearby parameter in the reversegeo to search for nearby points of interest (geofences)
      • Support for more events and fields from third party devices (Atrack, Concox, Queclink, Teltonika, Ruptela, among others)
    • Added a new filter for trigger message templates called: toDate. This filter convert from `epoch` to `timestamp`
    • Titan devices can specify the parser to apply to the device using the managed configuration, new parameter “supported_versions” (see kys: r419, r418)
    • Fixed entity replication for enhanced assets that are assigned to Syrus 4 devices
    • Added a virtual event when an enhanced asset is no longer assigned to a vehicle
    • Scope: allows forced linking.
    • Handling of empty ;TS tags (modem temperature from Syrus 4 devices).

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for August 2023

Pegasus Release Notes

⭐ New Feature: Custom Properties JSON Schema

  • You can now specify a json schema in the site settings that can be used to create a custom form for the properties of Vehicles, Assets, and Geofences

⭐ New Feature: Odometer & Hourmeter in Event Popup

  • The event popup message on the map now includes the odometer & hourmeter at the time the event was generated

⭐ New Feature: Import Assets Tool

  • You can now import assets in organization similar to how geofences are imported.

⭐ New Feature: Cipia 4G Videos + Photos

  • If you have a Cipia 4G device you can configure it to report straight to Pegasus and assign a configuration (r383) that allows the upload of photos and videos


Other Changes

  • Automation

    • Trigger message – when adding entity property with nested json objects, we now show the name of the deepest key
  • Tracking

    • Vehicles that report ECU information now include more detailed information about the ecu data including if a device has stopped receiving the data or seeing changes in it (stale vs recent data). Data that has not been received after a week is marked as expired and assumed that it’s no longer detected
    • If a vehicle stops reporting a temperature sensor it is marked as expired after 1 week of not receiving new data and hidden from the interface
    • Added a helper text on the asset tooltip in the vehicle list which shows the text ‘Last ibutton detected’
    • Vehicles that report via the json-receiver that have not reported in the last 15 min are marked as ‘offline’ until they report again
  • Rawdata

    • Fixed the ✔️ checkmark for ignition status
  • Trips

    • Fixed a bug with viewing history of trips and devices reporting recent events out of order
  • Reports

    • Fixed a bug with the assignment of columns in the trips report
  • Organization

    • Added a button to synchronize dynamic groups (you must have a dynamic group created and filtered in Organization -> Groups to see the button)
    • Added the ability for Cipia FS10 4G devices to select the managed configuration – r83allows for uploading of videos
  • Webservices

    • Forwarders – the max number of messages per request (json only) was increased from 250 to 500

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for June 2023


Pegasus Release Notes

Pegasus Application

  • Automation

    • Trigger messages for entities now include a list of all properties found in site
    • Trigger messages and alerts now include ecu speed information
  • Tracking

    • Added a right-click interaction on the map that shows the coordinates and a link to the location
    • Event popup message now includes max speed from street
  • Trips

    • In the trip summary, we now show a warning in case there are hidden fields selected as favorites
  • Dashboards

    • Added support for hiding dashboards per group
    • Improvements were made to the idling durations and counts per month
  • Reports

    • All
      • when using the report data selectors, if you filter by a group the background is no longer transparent
      • fixed a bug that would eventually duplicate the reports listed
      • added a user selector for generated reports
      • announcing an EOL for the Fuel Level ECU report (July 31, 2023), use the Fuel Report instead.
      • max number of custom properties was increased from 9 to 15
    • Temperature
      • fixed a bug that did not update the temperature in live for certain devices
      • fixed a bug that would exclude temperatures outside a certain range
    • Mileage – report allows you to select columns to show
    • Trips – added a decimal place for the distance traveled
    • Taurus report – added support for selecting custom properties
    • Special development: speeding durations, alerts, activity details, and uber type reports have extended Shipment information
  • Rawdata

    • Improvements were made to the amount of data that’s handled and processed. Larger amounts of data can be queried thanks to this
  • Organization

    • Devices – Segments, fixed a bug that would cause the section to show values that were not configured yet on the device
  • Console

    • We made changes to make sure that tracking resolutions could not be modified via a custom command
  • Changelogs

    • Taurus devices are now showing the imei-asset_id history association
  • Other

    • Solar Asset Tracker – fixed a bug that caused events with no changes to not update the time of the last event
    • Atrack – fixed the fuel priority in case a fuel consumed value was reported in multiple fields
    • Teltonika – adjusted the number of outputs for some teltonika devices based on what they have configured
    • Queclink – made adjustments to improve the processing of events when they were buffered
  • API Changes

    • ecu_total_fuel – now supports decimal values
    • entity linking was throwing an error when associating a vehicle to an asset that had never reported before, this was fixed
    • making requests to changelogs with both properties and info keys were not returning results, this was fixed
    • fixes for America/Mexico_City timezone across APIs and services
    • /bt_tags no longer requires sensor_tags parameter to be defined
    • /labels api improvements and 30s cache upon subsequent label modifications
    • /vehicles association history was limited to 5
    • segments are no longer created if the device does not have a vehicle assigned

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Pegasus & Core Release Notes for May 2023

Pegasus Release Notes

Pegasus Application

  • Tracking

    • Fixed a bug that showed an invalid date when an output had never been activated
    • Fixed a bug that had an incorrect fuel volume for Technoton sensors
    • Adjusted the Teltonika battery % values
    • Assets that are replicated hide the OFFLINE text
    • New battery states were added to indicate levels and connection status
    • Color improvements to ‘dark-theme’
    • Fixed a bug that caused an asset not to update correctly in tracking when there was a driver change
    • Fuel tooltip now shows % information from sensors that are not defined in organization->vehicles -> accessories
    • Added a filter for the Fuel Sensor in tracking list, shows sensors with normal and low volumes
    • Trip paths now include an arrow ➡️ showing the location the vehicle traveled (also available in trips app)
  • Trips

    • fixed a bug that would show sometimes show double charts
    • summary shows a small icon that indicates whether the data comes from GPS or ECU (now we show both, not just ECU)
  • Organization

    • Creating a property allows you to select from a catalog of already saved properties
    • added model for the Syrus Lynx devices
    • 🆕 – ADC reading of Syrus Lynx in accessories
    • Added a device model column in SIMs
  • Dashboards

    • Added support for fuel consumed based on fuel percent field
  • Reports

    • offline – improved the battery percentages to be consistent with what’s on tracking
    • HOS (working hours) – fixed duplicate and missing fields when showing info with drivers
    • engine_stats – fixed the priority of the odometer value when using the raw_counter_value
    • activity_details – values are now added inside the bars of the charts
  • Console

    • Added a system console section that shows any command sent by the system to a device (for example script configurations, counter sync, query locations, etc).
    • Now we show the number of command retries sent to a device in the outbox
  • Other Changes

    • Teltonika – support for ibuttons, rssi level
    • Topfly – output command adjusted

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Pegasus & Core Release for January 2023

Pegasus & Core Release *Latest Updates* for November 2022