Pegasus Updates

Application Changes


  • Added, export properties to excel and an export for geofence collections
  • Fixed, permissions for user to create public collections
  • Improved, filtering geofence collection UX


  • Added 5 new icons (battery pack, power, power settings, tricycle, dump truck)


  • The groups/vehicles filter was improved


  • Some views in the tracking list had incorrect icon placements, this was fixed
  • Adjustments for fuel level on some third party devices
  • Added more description to the altitude info
  • Improved the response time of the events list loader


  • Inverted the colors of the Satellites and RSSI bar charts

Report Changes


  • Fixed, bug with the interaction of the time selector, it sometimes showed from -> to of only 1 minute
  • Fixed, displaying the reports in a grid view still showed the QA1 link, this was changed to “Testing”


  •  Added total fuel, idling fuel, and odometer columns, as well as an input timeline graph with rpm data values when single vehicle selected


  • The filter for time from/to is added to the report headers correctly, improved translation in :flag-fr:


  • Avg temp values fixed for Syrus4


  • Improved, sometimes visits were missed


  • Improvements to the geofence filter, now it correctly shows the idling that occurred inside the geofences
  • Improvements when from to hour filter has to date > than from, crosses into next day


  • Removed hyperlink for alert dialog from excel download, alerts organized in descending order in summary


  • Fixed bug with the generation of the report under some conditions with the new vehicle properties


  • Uses alternate fields for calculating efficiency when certain data is missing, fixed infinite value, added column for consumption per hour

Activity Details

  • Improved the summary and details information per driver, added property for case with teltonika devices that speed incidents with same label (requires new property - see the following forum for more info)