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      Eugenio Balam

      Cipia has the possibility to recognize a driver based in its face and associate it with an ID. Now we can use this with Syrus 4 to associate an ID from Cipia to an asset from Pegasus.

      1.- Configure Cipia and Syrus 4 to work together.

      Check Cipia manual to connect it to a Syrus 4 LTE

      2.- Use Cipia Android APK to enroll drivers

      You can get the Android APK of cipia in this link: Cipia EyeSightInstaller

      In your cellphone, once installed and connected to the Cipia, go to the option “Enroll a new driver”.

      Now, you should point the Cipia to the Driver’s face and press the “capture” button.

      If the face is captured correctly, you can add an ID. That’s all from Cipia side.

      3.- Configure Syrus instance to use the Cipia Driver ID

      This feature works on APX 24.09.4 or above and SyrusJs 1.62.6 or above

      3.1.- Create an instance for Syrus on cloud.

      Add the RFID tag on the fieldset using this component: $fatigue_sensor.driver_name.

      We recommend RFID tag because it support alphanumeric characters


      define fieldset default fields=$io,

      3.2. – Create an event that fires with driver recognition

      This event helps to notify every time a new driver is detected and update the ID on Pegasus in the moment.


      define event ev_fatigue_driver_ident ack=seq fieldset=default group=fatigue_cipia label=ftgdrvid code=56 trigger=@fatigue_sensor.driver_identified

        3.3.- Test it!

      Driver ID cipia

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