Software Updates

Pegasus App & Report improvements:


  • Overall improvements to the loading time of resources in tracking, trips, organization, geofences, and rawdata
  • Translations for the calendar/date selector


  • Fixed temperature keys, added charts for temp1 – temp10
  • Trips> fixed the technoton level key, now it’s correctly mapped to liters


  • Improvements for the date format in the trips card
  • If a vehicle is added to a group for a user it automatically shows up in tracking without having to reselect the group
  • Fixed, vehicles/groups selector button would sometimes stay loading
  • Trips] improved the kmz (kml) export to include more information from the event generated


  • Improvements to the trips export to kmz or route, now invalid locations from third party devices are ignored


  • Sims> super sims added reset command, improved sim consumption data


  • Added json receiver tokens section – see interoperability documents for example on how to use the tokens, also the api docs link
  • Moved the retransmitters to their own sections on the Receivers.json