Syrus Compatibility

The following documentation is exclusive to Syrus 3G devices. For documentation compatible with Syrus 4G, click here.

Fatigue alert can be used to alert a driver as soon as he/she is falling asleep or not paying attention to the road for a determined period of time, protecting your life and your asset.


  1. Movon MDSM-7
  2. Caredrive
  3. Lumeway


  • Triggering a loud audible alarm to the driver to alert him/her while sending a message to the server.
  • Capture a photo when vehicle’s turned on or off
  • Send an Alert and take a photo if a driver’s not detected at a speed greater than 20mph (this is the case when the sensor is blocked for example)
  • Max and minimum speed Threshold alerts and Photo taken
  • Will work with reading glassess and even with sunglasses.

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[item]PEGASUS GATEWAY[/item]

Installation – Syrus 2G

Lumeway Diagram Syrus2

 Installation – Syrus 3G

What you’ll need

  • 12v Power source
  • Syrus3G
  • Power & Ground cables to Syrus device
  • Ground, Tx & Rx, cables connection from Fatigue Alert Sensor to Syrus 3G, some fatigue alert sensors come with an RS232 DB9 adapter and it’s necessary to build a crossed Male DB9 adapter to make it compatible, see diagrams below.
  • Fatigue Alert Sensor

Lumeway Diagram Syrus3

Installation – Syrus 4G

View Syrus 4 wiring diagrams in Syrus 4 documentation manual.

Pegasus Gateway Setup

Step 1:

Make sure your firmware is updated to the latest version:
(greater than 2.1.58)
Lumeway Pegasus Firmware

Step 2:

1. Go to Gateway Management
2. Organization
3. Devices
4. Search for the device (here we enter the device IMEI)
5. Click on the device

Lumeway Pegasus 1

Step 3:

1. Click on Managed Configuration Definition
2. Select the Lumeway Ing-test configuration
3. Set the configuration

Lumeway Pegasus 2

wait 10 minutes for configuration to synchronize.

Then go to the Configuration Parameters and enable the camera mode.
Step 4:

Configuring the Lumeway Settings from the device Console.


02(hex), Sensitivity
[item]02: 2.2 seconds – highly sensitive[/item]
[item]03: 2.9[/item]
[item]04: 3.7[/item]
[item]05: 4.5[/item]
[item]06: 5.3[/item]
[item]07: 6.1[/item]
[item]08: 6.9[/item]
[item]09: 7.7[/item]
[item]0A: 8.5[/item]
[item]0B: 15 seconds – low sensitivity[/item]
[item]FF: Factory default[/item]

00(hex), Volume
[item]00: Speaker Off[/item]
[item]01: Low[/item]
[item]02: High[/item]
[item]FF: Factory default[/item]

14(hex), MinSpeed
[item]00-FE, km/hr. i.e. 0x14=20km/hr[/item]

3C(hex), Max Speed
[item]00-FF km/hr. i.e. 0x3C=60km/hr[/item]

Example: To set the sensitivity to a medium setting, the volume to high, min speed to 30km/hr and max speed to 85km/hr



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[section title=”The Lumeway is not taking any photos?”]
Please make sure the Photocam mode is enabled in order to take photos, see step 3 above.


 Care Drive

Comparison Between MR688-RS232 and MR688B-RS232


Syrus 2/Syrus 3 + Fatigue Alert Sensor: With the following models: (Caredrive: MR688 or MR688B and/or Lumeway EA-450) detects:
  • Connection status
  • Fatigue alarm
  • Driver not detected
Syrus 3 + Fatigue Alert Sensor (If Fatigue Alert Sensor have B protocol MR688B)
  • aditional to above, detects Distraction
  • Fatigue Alert Sensor is the name we use for Lumeway and/or  Caredrive devices. Models MR688 and MR688B are specific for the Caredrive Fatigue Alert sensor.
  • All Fatigue Alert Sensor reports, include pictures

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Movon MDSM-7

MOVON Corporation
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Phone: +82-2-2050-4632


LumeWay Products Inc
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Care Drive

Care Drive
24/F Glorious Tower, No.850 East Dongfeng Road, Guangzhou, China
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