Product Release Notes



  • Fixed, user creation email takes into account preferences
  • Improvements to the following third party devices: Atrack, Concox, Queclink, Sinotrack & Teltonika
  • Added, support for battery voltage of solar-powered asset tracker
  • Changed, trigger, and scheduled reports email notifications are sent to multiple recipients in the same email (CC'd)
  • Changed, taip XAOE query ranges from 00-05
  • Added mathematical operations to trigger messages
    if ecu_battery = 12850
    {{body.ecu_battery}}mV = 12850mV
    {{body.ecu_battery|divide:1000}}V = 12.850V 
    {{body.ecu_battery|sutract:850}}mV = 12000mV 
    {{body.ecu_battery|multiply:2}}V = 25.7V 
    {{body.ecu_battery|divide:10 | integer}}V = 12V
  • Translation improvement to fuel units in vehicle list
  • Vehicle list shows the actual entity icon assigned
  • Metric and ECU counters can be overwritten with the actual values read from the onboard computer using a new vehicle property, to set the property go to Org->Vehicles->Properties->Templates (Use Raw ECU Values)
  • Expired routes don't have the option to set a "valid until"
  • Fuel volume units in ECU section were not updating according to the user's preferences
  • Fixed, the trigger conditions for ADAS, DMS, and driving behavior are back
Alerts & Notifications
  • Fixed, sometimes the alert notifications sound was not properly generating
  • Fixed, the list of alerts in the sidebar is now organized in order according by time
  • The trip calendar icon no longer hides the event panel on desktop mode
  • Added an icon for new reports
  • Added a new prefix SAP for finding properties with transaction data
  • [posted_speed_limit]: New report available which gives the speedings vs the posted speed limit
  • [devices] removed duplicate download device config button

Syrus 4

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  • Released stable version of ApexOS
  • Improvements to the video recording
  • New Apex tools for automatic file storage/rotation
  • Updates to Apex tools in wifi, gps, and video
  • New blackbox feature with second by second recording of hundreds of parameters in an easy to read CSV export
  • Improvements to the Cipia integration for reading device version and upgrading remotely
  • Improvements to the gps precision algorithm

Syrus Cloud

  • Cipia version to the sidebar in Summary panel
  • Commands for formatting USB or uSD card
  • External memory information on the device Summary list and panel sidebar
  • The sort by device in the tables sorts by name (alias) of device instead of IMEIcoast event improvements
  • The range in videos was renamed to playback, also it retrieves up to 10 days of history up from 3 days
  • Fixed a bug with uninstalling of PSM profile
  • Efficiency of messages for sync purposes, decreased bandwidth to keep digital twin up to date
  • Support for Safari & Firefox browser when sending scripts via commands
  • PSM profile installation UI input values
  • Improved the app install/uninstall process cycle