Software Updates

Pegasus App & Report improvements:

  • Added support for multiple dashboards
  • Improved kml export on trips, added trips paths with colors, stops marker, event indicators
  • QA1 reports installed now show Testing on the reports list
  • Fixed a bug with the name of the triggers which used labels
  • Syrus mobile app’s middle button changes to Tires view if tires are detected for a vehicle
  • Report’s geofence selector was changed to one list; no longer two columns with :fast_forward:
  • Fixed inputs for oyster 2 devices in tracking
  • Updated missing ecu parameters on list in device console
  • 19 new keys for Electric Vehicles
  • 30 new keys for the counters from cv20-cv49
    • Dashboards> added a date selector
    • Settings-chat> added departments for Zoho chat
    • Tracking> cemex name fixed for sites with cemex_whitelabel option*
    • Vehicle_counters> translation improvements
    • Org->vehicles> if a user does not have access to view devices; we hide the device tab from vehicles
    • Org->sims
      • added column with the network carrier and an input filter for this value
      • added the regular date selector for the sim card usage graph

Report Updates:

  • Tpms> improvements to the axles on the details, daily summary results and graphs
  • Events_count> optimizations done
  • Temperature> bug related with the generation of scheduled temperature report
  • Consumption_productivity> added DEF fields to summary and details (temp, consumption, level)
  • Mileage> fixed graph generation with some ecu vehicles, improved :flag-fr: translations of email body
  • Scheduled maintenance> shows the body of an email for :flag-fr: translations
  • Events in zones> improved :flag-fr: translations of email body
  • Fence trip analysis> correct translation of Départ

Reports improvements:

  • Events_in_zones> bug fixed when hiding codes from report
  • Engine dashboard> added an export to excel option
  • Engine_stats> fix negative time values
  • Temperature> added support for teltonika temperature sensors, up to 10, various other bug fixes
  • Speeding> bug fix with the speeding events reported inside geofences
  • Events_count> bug fix when first event has photo, and fatigue sensor photo attachments fixes
  • Adas> bug fix on the excel attachment in emails
  • Maintenance] bug fix on the excel attachment in emails
  • Mileage> improved the layout of the email received; no duplicate title
  • Geofence_proximity & fleet_sky_view> kph to km/h for :flag-fr: translations
  • Activity_details>
    • Summary
      • Excess RPM in idle and moving columns durations fixed
      • Average speed fixed
      • Por ciento, changed to Porcentaje
      • Title of speed limit column fixed
      • RPM Limit value added
      • Improvements to the incident counts for excess rpm in idle and moving
    • Details
      • Removed the details of excess rpm in movement
      • Added the details of excess rpm in idle
      • Showing the longitude column fixed
    • Analysis (charts)
      • Fixed graph of incidents per geofence when no geofence is selected
      • Reports-visits> fixed a bug with the negative distance
      • Reports-taurus> labels duplicated when saving a scheduled report and editing it again
      • Reports> bug fixed when report generated with option of one sheet per vehicle and the vehicles selected have no details
      • Alerts> the map that shows on an alert dialog is clickable and takes you to the place