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Custom scripts, plug-ins, and fleet management solutions

DCT offers you a variety of solutions for your business. Order custom scripts from our engineering team, receive over-the-air updates and functionalities for accessories, or build and integrate from the edge with our IoT Dev Kit.

Pegasus Data Recovery Form

Fleet Operators Store

Forwarder Data Playback

Resend data via a forwarder to any endpoint during the past year. Allows you to playback data requests for any vehicle or your entire fleet.

  • $200 for up to 1 week’s worth of data for up to 100 vehicles

Engine Fault Code Database

Comprehensive list of data trouble codes for J1939 & J1708 protocols

  • Includes fault codes from major manufacturers such as: Doran, Continental
  • JSON file format for easy development
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • One-time fee $1000 for complete database with more than 3900+ trouble codes
  • $100 for new codes each year


Pegasus OEM Backend Server

A complete hosted solution to professionally manage your Syrus devices. Specially designed for service providers that use their own backend platform/server and want to integrate any of the features Syrus can offer.

  • Hosted solution on secure server: https://cloud.pegasusgateway.com/
  • Select from 50+ custom Syrus managed configurations, or build your own
  • Automatic firmware updates and advanced diagnostics with remote 2-way communication console
  • Automatic SIM card discovery and association
  • Organization module for easy management of Groups, Vehicles, Assets, Devices and SIMs
  • Develop your own webservice to inject data from a JSON Forwarder
  • Data backup for up to 12 months
  • Pricing
    • Monthly access fee: $100 USD
    • Includes 100 Syrus devices
    • Includes 1 JSON forwarder
    • Includes 12 months of data backup
    • Personalized communication channel via Slack
    • Access to the API
  • Additional services
    • After 100 devices, each additional device: $1 USD/monthly
    • After 1 forwarder, each additional forwarder: $200 USD/monthly

Syrus 4G ECU Parameter File Customization

Our experts will analyze the CAN data captured and extract the possible parameters read.

  • Includes 1 CAN file analysis
  • extract known parameters from j1939 standard
  • detailed results of parameters found and their meaning
  • compatible params file for any Syrus 4G
  • possibility of reading some proprietary params from our database*

*proprietary data from pgns is not guaranteed and offered on a best-effort analysis*

One time cost of $250 per CAN data file capture.

Certified managed configuration / Custom scripts / Interoperability / Advanced triggers

Our engineering team will help accomplish your goals for any project.

  • Advanced triggers configuration or custom Syrus script
  • Years of knowledge from our engineers to help you with your script
  • Syrus script works with Pegasus managed configurations or any external tcp/udp socket
  • Combine any sensor from our library of supported accessories
  • Includes up to 3 revisions and/or 3 months, whichever comes first
  • One Time Third Party IoT Integrations using Rest API and/or Pegasus Gateway Triggers. Example: Interoperability with Third Party IoT Web Services.

One time cost of $150 per certified configuration/custom script.

Custom Configurations for 3rd Party Devices

Our engineering team is capable of generating scripts and configurations for multiple 3rd party devices:

  • Basic configuration script for major 3rd party devices
  • Instructions on how to load and use the configuration
  • Includes up to 3 revisions and/or 3 months, whichever comes first

One time cost of $300 per configuration/custom script.

Syrus Firmware plug-ins

Syrus Firmware Plugins are specific licensed software components inside Syrus Intelligent Event Engine that adds specific features & functionality to the existing Syrus operating system. It enables additional customization for developers and integrators to create specific business models.