The following page describes Error Codes seen when interacting with Syrus devices.

When Syrus encounters an error in the previous command entered, it generates an Error Report which can be compared to the list below to give you an idea of what the error is and how to fix it.


If we send to the Syrus a command that does not exist :


Syrus responds


RER means Error and 00 in this case is the index of the error code (00 – Unrecognized command)

00 – Unrecognized command.
01 – Internal error. Please verify the syntax of the Configuration Command and try again.
02 – The message is not delimited by > and/or <
03 – ID miss match on incoming post fix “;ID=”
04 – KY miss match on incoming post fix “;KY=”
06 – Not a valid set message.
07 – Incorrect or missing parameter. Please verify the syntax of the Configuration Command and try again.
09 – Queries resulting on multiple answers are not supported over the air.
11 – Incorrect ACT, XCT or SMS Alias definition. See ED message.
12 – Destination point is already set. You can consult the destination points configured with the >QXADP< command.
13 – Error while consulting the IMSI or SIM Card ID. Please verify that the SIM card is correctly installed and try again.
14 – Can not create region due to low GPS quality conditions. See the XAIR command.
15 – Change state operation failed. Internal Error
16 – Change state operation for input 1 failed. Please wait 20 seconds between each transition (Syrus 1 only)
17 – APN or network problem while trying to run a firmware upgrade over the air. Please verify the communications state using the XANS command.
18 – Invalid region command. See the GR and/or XAGR Message.
19 – Incorrect index.
20 – Error when trying to change the state of an extended output when the I/Os Expander is not connected.
22 – Error when trying to disable the XASE mode, when the engine disable is active, output 1 set on True.
24 – Invalid characters on string parameter.
25 – Invalid vehicle ID. See the ID message.
30 – Set messages are locked for the serial port. See the XALL command.
31 – Wrong unlocking code. See the XALL command.
36 – Signal sense (+ or -) missing, see ED message.
37 – Non-existent signal or missing operator on event definition, see ED message.
39 – Invalid KY set format.
40 – The signal can not be changed by the user. See the SS message.
42 – Invalid signal index. See the Signal List section.
52 – Photo could not be captured. Serial camera is not connected or it is initializing.
53 – Photo could not be captured. Folder does not have enough free space.
54 – Photo could not be captured. Serial camera mode is not active or it is an incorrect mode.
55 – Error while creating/consulting/deleting the photos folder.
56 – Photo could not be captured. Serial camera is busy.
57 – Could not delete the photos folder because a photo is in use.
58 – No password has been set for the authentication mechanism.
59 – Invalid Range or Value.
60 – IP-type destination supplied with no port. See the XADP message.
61 – Telephone-type destination supplied can not include port parameter. See the XADP message.
62 – Functionality not available on this version.
63 – Cannot initiate voice call: There is a voice call in progress.
64 – Cannot initiate voice call: The selected Destination is not defined.
65 – Cannot initiate voice call: No GSM services are available.
66 – Cannot set UDP DP 05 because DP 04 is not set.
67 – Cannot set UDP DP 05 because the port is already is use by the DP 04. Choose a different port for DP 05.
68 – Cannot delete DP 04 because DP 05 is set. Delete DP 05 first.
69 – Exceeded command length.
70 – FTP server is not available.
71 – ECU Monitor has the same version or older than 1.4 version or Analog Interface 1-Wire has the same version.
72 – ECU Monitor or Analog Interface 1-Wire not detected.
73 – ECU Monitor or Analog Interface 1-Wire accessory upgrade already in progress.
76 – Invalid counter operation. See the GC message.
78 – Counter operation failed.
80 – Verify that the MDT mode is not active before trying to enable Garmin Mode and vice versa. Verify that output state is not set to high when enabling the Safe Engine Cut Off mechanism.
81 – A Garmin command is in progress. Try again later.
82 – Communication with the device failed. Please try again.
83 – The received ID is already in use in the Garmin device.
84 – The Garmin Status list already contains the maximum number of items.
85 – The Status ID corresponds to the driver’s current status.
86 – The driver status requested is not in the Garmin device.
87 – Id Error. Please verify the ID used.
88 – Invalid response count.
89 – Invalid response ID.
90 – Invalid or duplicated message ID.
91 – The received command requires the Garmin Mode to be enabled.
92 – Cannot configure way point. Incorrect format.
93 – Cannot configure way point category. Try again.
96 – Internal flash memory error. Cannot save on flash.
97 – Index already being used. See the XARE and ED commands.
99 – GPS data temporarily unavailable