Pegasus Release Notes Updates – June 2022

Pegasus Release Notes Latest Updates


  • New custom applications supported in the Pegasus sidebar menu, go to the Settings app to create them
  • Simplified and improved the mechanism for filtering custom applications for new users; if you previously used this new section to filter an application by a user we recommend to switch to filter by group


  • Automation and Alerts/Notifications apps are now in a new section in the sidebar
  • The sidebar for notifications and alerts includes a text when there’s no alerts or notifications
  • Added Hours of Service templates for assets as template conditions
  • Improved responsiveness / mobile rendering when creating a new notification


  • Added a new option to force the value shown for fuel sensors (example showing liters for technoton instead of %)
  • Fixed the tooltips for ECU fields in tracking dash
  • 0 is ignored for custom ECU counters
  • The tooltip for ignition detection (and other Input/Outputs) are now in sync with when the actual ignition (or Input/Output) was turned on or off
  • Entity selector now hides the $wireless groups
  • Hours of Service for assets available


  • The calendar icon in mobile now opens full screen upon click
  • Improved the load times for high selection of vehicles; now metrics summary load in the background and trips data is shown immediately
  • The button for ‘Native Maps’ was removed from the UI
  • Fixed the load of the map when visiting the trips app for the first time after login


  • If a new dashboard is added the UI will show default name for the dashboard instead of empty information


  • The error dialog for reports now shows the ID of the report that had the error
  • HTML in emailed reports can again be downloaded and render (analytics, summaries, details, etc.)
  • New columns for nested vehicle properties supported
  • [activity_details] Added 2 new checkboxes
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Use speed limit configured on the device
      • When this is enabled the report will only use events marked with spd
      • If it’s disabled the vehicles will use the speed limit configured on the report
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Use speed limit configured on the geofence
      • When this is enabled the report will use the speed limit of the geofences selected
      • If it’s disabled the vehicles will use the speed limit configured on the report
  • [events_count] Added driver information to the events generated
  • [events_duration] If the same label is used for start and end it gets the duration of the next label
  • [cycles] Improvements to new hours of service report (applies to sites in beta 7.0 version)
  • [cycles_audit] Added a new audit of cycles report (applies to sites in beta 7.0 version)
  • QA reports are only visible to QA reports are only visible to gateway administrators, regular users will NOT see QA reports
  • Fuel report can now use milliVolt values from ECU sensor and convert to fuel value if sensor accessory is configured from Organization


  • Custom vehicle and asset properties improvements, booleans saved as booleans, compatibility in dark mode
  • Improvements to the association of vehicles and devices when creating
  • A new warning is shown if a basic user is assigned both sims and sims:subaccounts scope in write
  • [devices] You can now add devices from Devices table, requires super-user privileges (DCT only)
  • [vehicles] There’s a new option in the Technoton Accessory section that allows you to show the fuel value in volume (liters or gallons) in tracking
  • Fixed a bug when exporting excel tables from organization where the timestamp column would show nu in front of the date


  • Tweaks and improvements to the forwarders UI

Core updates - 6.12.0

  • Added support for DTC codes for Atrack devices
  • Improved the description of trip keys in /api/resources/trips/keys
  • Fixed, the ignition detection for Teltonika devices
  • Changed, the vehicle counter ecu_dist max limit was increased to 99,999,999,999 meters
  • Changed, the live package payload was modified in the following ways:
    • evid and trip_id fields were removed
    • _version was added
    • the now reflects the time that the value changed, before it showed the last time it was at the previous value
    • added two new keys prev_evtimeprev_systime which depicts the time when the previous value was set