Pegasus Release Notes

Pegasus Changes


  • The speed shown in the alert popup prioritizes the ecu speed if available
  • Trigger names can be up to 100 characters


  • any entity with a special field that denotes geofence ids in it’s property will fit the geofence + the entity in tracking


  • The property template for using raw ecu counters is shown in the ui


  • The schedules option for user’s access restrictions was fixed


  • Added an EOL announcement on some reports


  • EV motor current value was multiplied incorrectly


  • Form values are auto filled with a default


  • all All reports now include the timezone used to generate the report in the header
  • all Fixed a bug with the csv export > 5000 rows, a glitch caused a new line to not be inserted
  • entity_summary Entity summary report includes an entry for the first day if the vehicle has not reported
  • full_report Fixed a bug with the sheet names for full report that exceeds 30 characters
  • idling Fixed a bug with the idling report when the user’s preferences are not found
  • fuel Fuel report - improvement to refill detection
  • trips Trips report - fixed the columns for the odometer and altitude values, also added support for custom properties
  • engine_stats Engine stats - improvements to the odometer value found
  • cycles Hours of Service report improvement to the calculation of the break times

Core Changes

  • Added 23 new keys related to Mercedes Benz, Ankai, and Yutong trucks
  • Trigger names support up to 100 characters
  • Fixed, entity group assignment in device api, sometimes it was out of sync when updating a vehicle’s groups
  • Third party devices save the ip and port fields
  • Syrus Lynx devices have the default config r142 automatically assigned

3rd party devices

  • Queclink
    • sequential number saved in sa_seqn field
  • Teltonika
    • added event codes and battery level reading for model gh5200
    • added buttons/sensor support for gh5200
    • fixed the battery level for models fmb920 and fmb140
    • bluetooth beacons support with temperature
  • Suntech
    • updated battery level information for several models
    • new events supported for suntech st410
    • new alarm codes supported for all models
    • output manipulation is now possible
    • jamming and openbox event definitions added