Pegasus Release Notes

  • Translation improvement to fuel units in vehicle list
  • Vehicle list shows the actual entity icon assigned
  • Metric and ECU counters can be overwritten with the actual values read from the onboard computer using a new vehicle property, to set the property go to Org->Vehicles->Properties->Templates (Use Raw ECU Values)
  • Expired routes don’t have the option to set a “valid until”
  • Fuel volume units in ECU section were not updating according to the user’s preferences
  • Sorting and filtering by the cycle status is now available
  • Some third party devices were not showing all possible outputs


  •  Fixed, the trigger conditions for adas, dms, and driving behavior are back

Alerts & Notifications

  • Fixed, the list of alerts in the sidebar is now organized in order according by time
  • Fixed, sometimes the alert notifications sound was not properly generating


  • The trip calendar icon no longer hides the event panel on desktop mode
  • Mass changes supported, select multiple geofences and update their visibility, owner, or collection
  • A new filter option is shown for geofences that allows you to view the ones that were modified recently
  • [devices] removed duplicate download device config button
  • vehicles Custom views filter allows “OR” conditions, and general improvements to the views
  • assets Searching for an ibutton now looks up any ibutton assigned for any asset
  • assets An asset with a device associated now has a $ icon next to it indicating it’s billable
  • sims Filter for active sims shows only the ones that are active, not inactive
  • Added, an icon for new reports
  • [posted_speed_limit:star: New report available which gives the speedings vs the posted speed limit
  • Added, a new prefix SAP for finding properties with transaction data
  • When creating a new report the timezone is automatically filled in with the user’s location
  • When scheduling a report the time selector now supports scheduling in 20min increments
  • fault_code The data trouble codes report now searches for DTCs reported in a json of multiple results
  • temperature The excel export was failing when a vehicle had special characters
Vehicle Counters
  • Improvements to the amount of requests made when the device sent lots of events consecutively (such as when downloading its buffer)
  • When creating a forwarder the max allowed events per request now has a min value of 50
  • FWD:securitas - improvements to the speeding events reported
  • FWD:startrack - implementation and stabilization of service
  • FWD:sutran - uses new sutran json implementation
  • FWD:avlcontrol - implementation and stabilization of service
  • FWD:unilever - implementation and stabilization of service

Pegasus Core version 6.12.1


  • Fixed, user creation email takes into account preferences
  • Added, support for battery voltage of solar powered asset tracker
  • Changed, trigger and scheduled reports email notifications are sent to multiple recipients in the same email (CC’d)
  • Changed, taip XAOE query ranges from 00-05
  • Improvements to the following third party devices: atrack, concox, queclink, sinotrack & teltonika
  • Fixed, email notifications with geofence data includes the entity name in the subject
  • Improvements with the pegasus counters for catching large unexpected jumps in values
  • 3 new keys for saving battery pack information
Third party devicesAtrack
  • coast event improvements
  • sending commands is supported with send raw COMMAND via the console
  • j1939 fuel consumed implemented
  • ibutton persistence is enabled by default and persisted until ignition is turned off
  • some devices were not incrementing the odometer values
  • output manipulation is now possible