Pegasus Release Notes Latest Updates

Core API Updates

  • Added accumulator & property conditions for triggers
  • Added missing field btt_driver_set to rawdata
  • Added 27 new ECU fields that related to Scania p450
  • Fixed, syrus devices ignore XATT command when using a trip method != tracker
  • Improved topflytech devices battery levels
  • The values for the fields vehicle_ecu_eusage and vehicle_ecu_eidle are being changed from centi-hours to seconds to be consistent with the counters api

Alerts & Notifications

  • Notifications is a new application in Pegasus that allows users to create custom notifications to be sent on specific days to any gateway user. Once a user receives a notification they will get an onscreen popup that disappears once they open it and mark it as read. Read more about this feature in our blog post.


  • Triggers can now be built with conditions based on an entity’s property (you can find this option when building a condition)
  • Triggers have an option to fire once it accumulates a certain amount


  • Added transaction data (cemex) to custom properties selector for reports
  • The properties selector in reports has a new search option, and the items in the selector are organized alphabetically


  • Updated the tracking table export button to include last photo captured link and time
  • The trips list shows icons for enabling/disabling trip and stop views in mobile (pending syrus-mobile update)
  • Geofence dialog now requires a group when using the group visibility
  • Improvements to the battery values for Topflytech devices
  • The tracking Metrics section’s hourmeter was improved to use the following value according to priority (for more information on the counters read the following post, since vehicle_ecu_eusage is the highest priority we have a script we can run that synchronizes ecu_hours, the raw ECU value with the vehicle_ecu_eusage value in case it was ever unsynchronized in the past by a user)
    • vehicle_ecu_eusage (highest priority)
    • vehicle_dev_ign
    • ecu_eusage
    • dev_ign (lowest priority)

Trips & Rawdata

  • Added new charts for the following fields (emobility)
    • ecu_throttle
    • ecu_state_of_charge
    • ecu_ev_motor_current
    • ecu_ev_motor_voltage


  • The templates are now saved in the API; so it persist any clear-cache done by the browser (you must resave all existing templates to save them in the API permanently)


  • [vehicles] New intelligent filters/views can be applied to the vehicles list, once a view is applied you can create a group based on the results
  • [devices] Fixed the ability to set trips in the UI


  • Forwarder UI improvements / all the JSON fields were converted to user interface fields

Syrus 4G + Mobileye + Hikvision Integration

  • Latest integration from Syrus 4G real time events recording