Pegasus Release *Latest Updates*



  • Site load and response times was significantly improved
  • Sections throughout the application where you write json code (such as org->vehicle properties) have an improved layout


  • *Added new changelogs interface, where you can see all gateway activity performed by users


  • *Added new :telegram: Telegram action, which allows you to easily create telegram messages, photos, videos, and location


  • Added video in alert popup message
  • Speed used in alert is the ecu_speed if it’s available


  • Changed the safe engine immobilization message to describe the conditions that need to happen for the device to activate the output safely
  • Asset information was not disappearing when changing an asset
  • *French translation improvements to share vehicle link


  • Text that was too long in the name and description is handled


  • Speeds with decimals are supported for devices that report them
  • Engine speed shows with 1 decimal point


  • Safety - added labels for
    • DMS Tamper Detection
    • Driver Missing
    • Harsh Acceleration Video
    • Harsh Braking Video
    • Cornering Left & Right


  • engine dashboard The engine dashboard now shows the correct engine odometer/hourmeter depending on the values reported
  • visits The visits / permanence report was improved to support more custom properties data
  • engine stats The engine stats report added a column with the primary group name
  • *posted speed limits you can now select the speed over the posted speed limit thresholds, improvements to the charts
  • *piusi-bsmart added new reports for an integration called Piusi Bsmart fuel analisis
  • *fuel fixed the date on the charts, they were not displayed previously

Device Console

  • Added the year the commands were sent
  • *fixed the configuration loading


  • Improved the text for the trip end using the gateway trips criteria
  • Added Segments configuration for devices (same section as trip management), this is to configure Hours of Service
  • Fixed preferences for new user (would sometime cause user not to be created)
  • SIMs duplicate sims was corrected
  • Vehicle -> Accessories - added a button to show a text area where you can paste a table of values for the analog fuel sensor
  • *fixed the network tab for super sims


  • Added logging support for udp forwarder
  • New data forwarder movup
  • New data forwarder track gps


  • Trips api - support for max speed with decimals (sites with 7.0 core version)
  • Rawdata api - added new fieldset $emobility with electric vehicle parameters
  • SIMs API - fixes to the API responses
  • Solar Asset tracker - supports new events for low battery
  • 3rd party devices
  • Suntech
    • Request location implemented
    • Support for more event labels on models ST3340, ST4340
  • Concox
    • Request location implemented
  • *Commands sent to third party devices were restructured