Updates from 6.2.0*

  • Added 10 new EV related parameters

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*This ECU version 6.2.0 goes along with Syrus version 3.4.71

Updates from 6.1.9

  • Implemented: Added GEAR_CHANGE for S3

Updates from 6.1.8

  • Implemented: Added 20 new parameters related to electric vehicle data.
    • Electric vehicle speed
    • Main position relay FLT
    • Work status: Insulation detection status
    • Fault level of insulation detection
    • Positive insulation value
    • Negative insulation value
    • Rated capacity of battery
    • Rated voltage of battery
    • Rated total energy of battery
    • Maximum available voltage of battery pack
    • Minimum available voltage of battery pack
    • Maximum available temperature of battery pack
    • Minimum available temperature of battery pack
    • SOC: State of charge
    • SOH: State of health
    • Battery current
    • Voltage inside battery
    • Accumulated charged electric quantity
    • Accumulated discharged electric quantity
    • Single charged electric quantity
  • Improved: VIN extraction for FMS vehicles.

*Requires syrus fw to be 3.4.67 or newer

Updates from 6.1.5

  • Correction, rectify a problem with TPMS warnings on Syrus3
  • Correction, the mapping shown in Pegasus

Updates from 6.1.3

  • Added, SPN 182 Engine Trip Fuel parameter
  • Added, DID 131 Brake Switch parameter
  • Fixed, condition where, if Syrus attempted to configure ECU with the same configuration it already had, the ECU would restart

Updates from 6.1.1

    • Implemented, over forty new parameters with various DIDs. Please view Parameters to add.txt for more details on what the parameters were added.
    • Implemented, a new way to handle extended messages was implemented using an extra FIFO buffer and added some cases for protection in case of lecture failures. This is currently in beta and only reads PGN FEE3.
    • Fixed, a bug where data for DID 12 was incorrectly read from ecu+. DID 12 corresponds with SPN 70, Parking Brake Switch.

Updates from 6.1.0

    • Fixed, jumps in OX tag for fuel level by moving the variable that holds the value to another location and making that previous value reserved as well as increasing the size of ECU_PARAMETERS..
    • Moved, where the total variables are stored and made the previous ones reserved.
    • Increased, the size of ECU_PARAMETERS by 20 bytes to adjust for the above change.
    • Changed, the filters that listen to another module when the motor stops reporting the PGN or PID for the total values. Now it correctly listens to another module when the motor stops reporting values.
    • Implemented, a beta version of the USER DEFINED PID for ISO 15765 (OBD2). Right now this serves as an engineering tool. Ex: >SXAEMR0010100XX< Where XX is actually the SID of interest. Typically will be 62; 0x40 + 0x22, where 0x22 is reserved for manufacturer.
    • Added, a delay to the reading of the OX, fuel level, in order to dampen corruption due to vehicle ignition state change.
    • Fixed, DUT algorithm where DUT ecu+ would fail and restart.
    • Added, the ability to read the source address along with its data from a desired PGN when USER DEFINED PGN is used with mode 2.