Software Updates

Pegasus App & Report improvements:


  • Fixes to the temperature of syrus 4 devices reporting ;EA_A,B,C tags (applies to rawdata and trip charts)
  • Compatibility with new fuel accessory section (IMPORTANT the fuel detection in tracking depends on the configuration of the fuel accessory in Org -> Vehicles, an email was sent about this change, the details are noted in the following forum post)


    • The following ACCESSORIES sensors are supported per device model
      • FUEL:
        • Syrus
          • (ecu mV) ecu_fuel_level
          • (ecu %) ecu_fuel_level_real
          • (technoton) tec_fn, tec_1_fn, tec_2_fn, tec_3_fn
          • (ultrasonic) usense_filtered_value
          • (analog exp) an_fdiff_in1_in2, an_fdiff_in3_in4, an_fdiff_in5_in6, an_fdiff_in7_in8
        • Teltonika
          • (escort) an_fdiff_in1_in2, an_fdiff_in3_in4, an_fdiff_in5_in6, an_fdiff_in7_in8
          • (can fuel volume) tec_fn
          • (can fuel level) ecu_fuel_level_real
      • TPMS:
        • Syrus
          • Added a way to add and edit JSON properties
          • Vehicle images were moved to the INFO tab
          • A new scope for enabling Taurus was added
    • Improved the value of the network operator
    • Added reset button to super sims
    • Added consumption for last 30 days to super sims


Complete Events

    • Fixed bug when a vehicle’s name contained special characters and the option to separate per sheet was selected

Activity Details

    • Added decimals to the distances
    • Improved the avg speed detection for third party devices
    • Fixed the incident columns for excess in rpms when they’re not selected
    • Fixed the filter to ignore vehicles without incidents
    • Added incident for Excess RPMs in Movement (label: ovrpmmov) and Brake Assist incident (label: brkassbrpm , translation: ABS ON Bajo 1300 RPM)
    • Added coast events avg speed

Fence Trip Analysis

    • Fixed duplicate data on the fence trips

Fuel Consumption

    • Added support for multiple fuel sensors for third party devices
    • Improvements to the fuel graphs over time
    • Fixed fuel filling graphs
    • Improvements to fuel filling detections
    • Compatibility with new accessory section in Organization -> Vehicles (IMPORTANT this report requires the new accessory configuration in Org -> Vehicles, an email was sent about this change, the details are noted in the following forum post)
    • Added Diesel Exhaust Fluid fields for level, consumption and temp
    • Improved the details of the report, now the columns with metrics show accumulated values