Pegasus Release Notes

Syrus Mobile Application

Pegasus Application

  • Tracking

    • Fixed fuel percentage tooltip for devices with ecu_fuel_level_real and _volume
    • Added possibility to share multiple vehicles in tracking
    • Fixed asset-ibutton warning when the asset was detected a long time ago
    • Added support for multiple humidity sensors in tracking (updated interoperability json receiver document to reflect new sensors)
  • Geofences

    • The scope geofences:admin now allows non-admin users to redraw even an admin’s geofences
  • Organization

    • Devices Moved the segments configuration to it’s own tab in Organization->Devices, this configures the hours of service for any device
    • Devices Syrus Lynx devices show the correct firmware version, sorts, and downloads correctly
    • Devices predefined trip settings are now added to newly associated devices
    • Added a description for the scope ‘remote.segments’
  • Trips

    • Fixed a bug with viewing history of trips and devices reporting recent events out of order
  • Reports

    • fault code we updated the DTC list, added 67 new error codes, this was also added to reports
    • Fixed, the scheduled events count report which had a bug in the labels/events selector
  • Device Console

    • Added support for custom commands for the following third party devices: atrackconcoxqueclink, & teltonika

Pegasus API (Core)

These changes will be reflected in the next 24hrs unless requested for a specific site

  • Console responses via the API for third party devices (/api/vehicles/:vid/remote/console)
  • GPS backlog now have the correct labels assigned from the managed configuration
  • New scopes for non-admin users to create and delete assets & vehicles
    • "vehicles.create" & "vehicles.delete" (parent scopes override these – "vehicles": write)
    • "assets.create" & "assets.delete" (parent scopes override these – "assets": write)
  • New scope can be assigned to non-admin users to associate a device to a vehicle "vehicles:device": write
    • Note that this scope is not yet enforced, but user can be prepared via the API via a PUT
  • Fixed bug that showed $persist value in Atrack devices with ibutton assigned
  • Labels now support Czech language (cs)

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