Pegasus Release



  • Added new color palette to the appearance (Midnight theme)
  • Added support for newest version of the Titan personal tracker (LTE)


  • Added new fields comdelay and kph to the fields list for building trigger conditions


  • Fuel tooltip was improved to be more concise and easier to understand
  • Engine trouble codes p0000 are ignored and not marked as errors
  • HoS - Changed, now you can’t close an open cycle/segment if the current state is resting
  • Humidity sensor was moved to the temperature card


  • Added support for additional fields and filters
  • In general the application was updated to filter any numeric field found in the api


  • New section to administer the default custom properties for all reports - for DCT Admins only
  • fault_code - Engine error codes report now includes a summary and optimization of data shown
  • fence_trips - The fence trips analysis report now includes a column showing the fuel consumed per trip
  • bsmart - BSmart fuel report has additional columns and improved pdf layout
  • mileage - Fuel Distance Cost Estimator report now supports different prices depending on fuel-type entered in Organization -> Vehicles


  • Support for Czech language


  • Improvements to add devices dialog - for DCT Admins only
  • Vehicles UI now shows an input for fuel-type per vehicle (gasoline or diesel) - works with mileage report
  • Dynamic grouping improvements to make sure group is not left with 0 vehicles
  • Non-admin users can associate a device to a vehicle after its creation
  • Device association to vehicle was fixed for certain cases where it could fail


  • New webservice integration with DHL
  • New webservice integration with tracklog
  • Fixes for the Delta Petrol app report
  • Fixes for the json data receiver when events were sent in bulk and out of order


  • Fixed a bug that caused some vehicles that were deleted to not appear in the UI

Third Party Devices Changes

  • Suntech battery support for ST4310 model

API Updates

  • Added links and more documentation to API release notes - read more
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6.12.1 - Release Notes
Original release: 2022 JUN 29
Last update on: 2023 FEB 08


    • Fixed, trigger notifications with geofence data include the entity name in the title
    • Fixed, user creation email takes into account preference language setting
    • ... read more