Pegasus Release *Updates



  • Restrictions section now shows a tooltip with the user and group information
  • *Added a new section for setting the default trip criteria for devices

*Alerts and Notices

  • Basic users now don’t see the button to create a new notice, this is only enabled for admins


  • Improvements to the fuel tooltip
  • Updated the contents of the tooltip to be more legible
  • Added conditions for when a sensor stops reporting values or values are static / never change
  • Added support for new fuel sensor source: ecu_fuel_level_real_volume
  • Fixed ultrasonic fuel sensor
  • Fixed fuel percent shown when multiple sources are detected
  • Added a warning if the user has a calibration issue (sensor detects > 100% fuel level) this depends on the fuel volume configured per sensor and/or calibration table for the sensor
  • ECU section in tracking, fixed a condition that would not show the ecu odometer or hourmeter under certain scenarios
  • Fixed the solar asset tracking satellites in view (this change is reflected on the UI tomorrow Tuesday)
  • *Entities with special property that allow auto-fitting geofences once clicked now allow you to click on the geofence to view its details


  • Added a link on the dashboard promo image to a page in the DCT site


  • Vehicles- Added, new fuel sensor selection in Vehicle -> Accessories (available for Teltonika devices ecu_fuel_level_real_volume)
  • Vehicles- Added a new field in vehicles for fuel-type selection (Diesel or Gasoline) this is now used in the mileage report
  • Vehicles- Added a new field with the time of the last connection to the device info card
  • Vehicles- Improved responsiveness of the app when there’s dynamic groups enabled
  • Sims- Added, a reset button to reset the connectivity of a SIM even if there have never been any sessions in the past
  • *Moved the segments configuration to it’s own tab in Organization->Devices, this configures the hours of service for any device


  • Improved responsiveness of geofence creation dialog (Save and Erase buttons are always visible, before you needed to scroll)
  • *Fixed a bug that allowed a collection with visibility: groups to be saved without selecting a group

Commands Interface

  • General search for vehicles was improved to lookup any info field like license_plate, make, model, etc.


  • Added a helper text next to the RSSI level to indicate whether the signal quality is excellent, good, fair, poor, or no signal
  • Fixed firmware upgrade button for Syrus 3 devices (latest is 3.4.66) Syrus Firmware Upgrade Botton
  • Fixed, satcom query firmware button


  • Syrus Lynx, fixed showing the labels ignon and ignoff for ignition events
  • Concox query location timestamp was fixed, and fixed the events for model: jmvl03
  • Topfly devices are now ignoring network events correctly


  • Backend Improvements
  • New report server was introduced to help alleviate loads during peak times, this report server is called
  • Frontend Improvements
  • Improved layout of generated reports, moved columns and adjusted spacing
  • Added an indicator when there’s a scheduled report that’s using qa1
  • Added a tooltip on generated reports with information on amount of vehicles, and how long a report took to generate
  • Improved the report visibility section to include groups that were deleted in the past
  • Reports that generate an error message now show a generic message instead of the name pegasusgateway
  • fuel- Fuel report includes an address hyperlink in the summary
  • fence_trips - we brought back the DETAILS of this report to look like the legacy version, more organized content
  • offline- added a column for the Vehicle Battery (V) value, renamed the Battery column to say Device Battery (%) and moved it next to the IMEI column
  • bsmart- improvements and fixes to the BSmart fuel reports
  • *Maintenance - added a way to hide hourmeter columns from the results


  • Improved the layout of the System section and date selector for Listener data


  • There’s a general option that can be added that fills in vehicle counters with the device counters if the vehicle counters are never defined, see updated pegcore release notes 6.12.1
  • *Added a helper text that explains in more detail when a timeout happens that it’s the endpoints fault

API Changes

  • Updated Lynx labels for trip start, trip end, long stop, temperature and humidity alert, firmware version and update responses - Click here to view the Full Core API Updates 6.12.1 release notes
  • Updated Atrack speeding label from spdstrtto spd
  • *Changelog modifications improvements, large requests with custom properties are now generated
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