ECU Monitor Firmware 5.0.3

Upgrade Command:



  • Improved, In J1708, the condition that checks if there is activity on the bus before sending the request message to the bus, this fixes potential collisions between the packets sent by the ECU and the J1708 wire
  • Improved, In J1708, the parameters that are requested to the vehicle, are requested more frequently. Now, each parameter of these is updated every 60 seconds.
  • Improved, In J1708, the percentage of error in the communication was decreased.
  • Improved, In J1708, the reliability of the parameters read from the vehicle to decrease the number of erroneous parameters reported by Syrus (very large odometer values or excessive temperatures)
  • Improved, In J1708, the handling given to the PID greater than 256
  • Added, Now Syrus can detect when a specific parameter is not more being received from the vehicle and uses this information to mark that parameter like “Old”.


Please note that this upgrade can take between 13-15 minutes, so it’s recommended to do the upgrade when the vehicle’s ignition is OFF, and the ECU is powered permanently. An ignition transition would not cause loss but it would delay the upgrade.