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Syrus 2 Firmware 2.3.42

Upgrade Command: >SXAFU0C< Corrections Changed Improvements Additions Added, XADUALL command to support multiple upgrades >SXADUALL3a3c57,,1.04SBTC00:07:80:EA:B9:9E1$00000000000000000000010$70,150,50,70,50,60,0,1SBTC00:07:80:EA:B9:9E1$00000000000000000000010$70,150,50,70,50,60,0,1,10SMSA…< and >SMSC< commands).[/item] [item]Added, SA command to consult and configure the sequential ACK flag that forces the device to only use sequential acknowledge with pegasus.[/item] [item]Added, Bluetooth driver "BD" tag.[/item] [/list]...

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