Pegasus Release Notes


  • UI improvements to the layout when a label was of long length


  • Fixed a bug where certain third party devices were not loading their data
  • Solar powered asset tracker adjustments to battery %
  • Fixed a bug with the speed reported in the tracking dashboard vs what was on the map (rounding error)
  • Improved on-demand video downloads, now they don’t fail if you click “Download video from Syrus” multiple times
  • Improved the fuel sensor tooltip with a better description
  • The video and photo dialog now shows the name of the event in the title


  • The geofence dialog on the map can now expand to show larger descriptions


  • ECU fuel data was filling in wrong values when values were empty


  • Ruptela & Atrack devices now support Fuel accessory (pending patch to fix bug with analog table UI for ruptela)
  • UX for vehicle deletion was improved, now it doesn’t require first de-association
  • Enhanced or replicable assets can now be configured in the Assets UI / also other adjustments to the layout of the assets section
  • The refresh command was added to the SMS table for super sims
  • A button was added on the bottom right of the SMS table for Titan devices to restart them


  • Fuel ECU report improvement - the graph does not show 0 values
  • Engine stats report - migrated to the new layout, better filters, faster generation, better data integrity, better support for third party devices, and handling of more vehicles
  • Geofence Proximity report - migrated to the new layout, support for more entities
  • Column with dates are ordered in ASC / DSC correctly
Activity Details
  • Improved the drivers summary of data
    • It includes data from peripherals with no asset assigned and drivers that were deleted at some point
  • Removed the tab with the drivers details (it was a duplicate of the vehicle’s details)
  • fixes to the end date column so that it’s cut off on the report end date
Events Duration
  • Added custom properties and columns for geofence information
  • Added filter for geofence information in generated report