Pegasus Release Notes


  • Improvements to the loading of the custom apps section, sometimes it would take a while to load


  • Fixed bug where showing a label on the trigger conditions sometimes would not appear


  • Added support for on-demand videos from Syrus4, these videos are stored on the device and the user can download them at any time from Pegasus by going to the event and clicking a new download button. Requires configuration update on SyrusJS, see docs for more info
  • Added posted speed limits integration in tracking - speed limits are populated from OSM, here’s a guide with more info. See more details on our blog here Posted Speed Limit
  • Fixed bug where regular device counters were being shown in the ECU counters section
  • Fixed bug where the IO expander outputs appeared after the sensor was no longer detected
  • Fixed bug with some photos not displaying
  • Improvements to the event dialog when displaying videos and photos, also improved live event list when new events with media come in
    • Improvements to the SECO activation which could sometimes get stuck loading


  • Renamed in Spanish to ‘avisos’ as to not cause confusion for users


  • Safety dashboard was improved to show event media (videos and photos)
  • New dashboard integration with Piusi B.Smart, fuel analysis
  • Loading of dashboards and forms was improved
  • Dashboards are loaded dynamically based on the user’s preferences
    • There are 3 possible preferences combinations that lead to the unit changes
      • Imperial: mile, gallon, fahrenheit
      • Metric (International)kilometer, liter, celsius
      • Latinamerican: kilometer, gallon, celsius


  • Fixed bug where the name of the configuration was disappearing


  • Excel export includes date geofence was created and last modified


  • Vehicle icons can be set to a default color and size (scale)
  • Vehicle deletion now requires you disassociate the device first
  • Added dynamic groups
    • These are groups that are automatically suggested based on a VIEW FILTER previously established
  • UI/UX improvements for the vehicle deletion / device disassociating


  • Activity details report now shows the vehicle’s information when no driver was assigned in the Drivers Summary


Device improvements

  • Syrus Lynx power detection was improved
  • Syrus Solar Asset Tracker added new events for alarms and important states, ability to request location
  • Atrack, support ibutton persistence for driver identification, coasting and engine braking
  • Concox device improvements to ignition detection events, JM-VL03 alarm events
  • Suntech added event definitions
  • Queclink improvements to input/outputs detection