Pegasus Updates


  • Tracking geofence editing
    • Added ability to erase points when editing/creating geofences
    • Added warning in case the user creates a geofence > 500 points
    • Improved UI when adding radius to linear geofences
  • Tracking - share link fix delay in loading
  • Tracking - added ecu state of charge indicator in accessory view (shows an electric vehicle’s battery charge %)
  • Routes - fixed multiple buttons show up when editing route
  • Geofences - added a filter by geofence ID
  • Reports - removed activity summary report from square view
  • Org - assets - added a secondary phone number
  • Automation - fix for previewing circular geofences on map
  • Automation - fix for language when building a condition and switching languages
  • Fuel report prioritizes the ecu_tfuel when calculating the total fuel consumed, improvements to the ecu fuel filling detection and values
  • Tpms report adjusted the description to specify it works with tpms alerts
  • Speeding durations - fixed bug with the report not generating correctly, filter was not working
  • Speeding - improvement to the report when one of the speed category was marked as 0, report now has a minimum value of 1 for the speed categories
  • Asset - support for alternate phone number
  • Json receiver - this new version blocks unauthorized requests from third party platforms, all incoming data must have a json receiver token
  • Jointech - various fixes and added tx mapping
  • Teltonika - corrected output3 activation
  • Atrack - added rpm, ecu hours, ecu hours idle, ecu distance, ecu torque (j1708), ecu ddemad
  • Asset tracker - fixed recovery mode
  • Titan - allow 0x0E commands for dct admins
  • Trip id categorization improvements for rawdata
  • Trips api - added a filter for moving true/false
  • Reports - fix for duplicate reports that were stopped in case one was canceled
  • Listener - taip service cell extended tag (;SC) parsing was improved so that it returns a warning in case an unexpected value is received
  • Slice param fixed when rawdata/counters request was done with group of exactly 250 vehicles