*Pegasus Core Updates


  • Safe immobilization support via the configuration (sample ky: r101.py)
  • Odometer changes supported via the command send raw odometer A B , where A is the source of the odometer (0 = GPS, 1 = OBDII, 2 = CAN), and B = Odometer in KM.
  • Added speeding label to code 255
  • Fixes for private mode labels
  • Overrpm events for models: FMC640
  • Diagnostic trouble codes (saved in ecu_error1 and ecu_error4)
  • output support for models: ST4310 / ST340LC
  • inputs detection and events generation for model: ST4310
  • Output manipulation supported for model: AK11 (up to 5 outputs)
  • ABS activated and Clutch detected events
  • Fixed engine values for odometer, hourmeter and idling hourmeter
  • Added support for virtual ignition
  • Diagnostic trouble codes (saved in ecu_error4 field)
  • Output manipulation supported for model: AK7
  • Integrated temperature & humidity sensor bluetooth data
  • Integrated bluetooth door sensor detection with events
  • Integrated bluetooth sensor relay activation with events and MAC address validation
  • CAN engine data parameters supported
  • External power supply voltage is saved in the analog to digital field ad
  • Support for model: JM-VL03
  • Tracking supported with ignition detection & event labels
:info:Note the topics in italics have not been confirmed and are pending testing