Analog fuel sensor data in the Tracking – ECU Data view
Added support for some third party devices that report multiple temperature sensors (up to 6)
Added Input/Output duration counters on the Metrics card (these values appear as long as the count is > 0 seconds, and they can be set in the Vehicle Counters module)
Tire mapping improvement for Doran SL sensor
Geofences> optimizations when toggling the view of geofences on the maps and there’s a large number of them present
French translation improvements for activity summary, events in zones
Raw Data
Fixed bug where the trip metrics were not shown for single day selection
Scope of ‘none’ hides the respective section for assets, devices, and sims
Non-admin users can assign a free device, they need ‘write’ scopes for devices and vehicles and have to enter the exact IMEI when creating a vehicle, this is helpful for fleet operators
Vehicle Counters
Added ability to select io counters

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