Pegasus Core Updates



  • Private mode support for teltonika devices
  • Added new field ecu_clutch_pedal_state
  • Added new field photo_status
  • Support for checkpoints GET and PUT methods for asset trackers (allows modifying checkpoint names in Taurus app)
  • Added new field ecu_brake_pedal_stateecu_pto_stateecu_trip_idle_fuelecu_hours_idle_trip
  • Support for Syrus Lynx device model in devices api 'version'
  • Distance data for atrack devices support both j1708 and j1939
  • ecu_pto short description is now PTO status
  • Default user password requires at least: 8 characters, 1 Uppercase letter, 1 lowercase, and 1 number
  • Atrack devices removed labels for brkon & cltchon
  • Fields ecu_trip_fuel_gaseous & ecu_total_fuel_gaseous are saved correctly as kg, also added ecu flags ecu_trip_fuel_gaseous_flag & ecu_total_fuel_gaseous_flag.
  • vo handling for teltonika and Atrack devices was improved, offsets and unexpected value handling