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      Jose R.

      Adding or configuring Bluetooh sensor to Syrus Lynx

      Lyns supports Bluetooh temperature sensors from P028 version and up. You can query the version via Pegasus console or via command:

      You will need the Syrus Lynx Configuration tool version V3.71_230808 *

      *After clicking the link below to download the Configuration tool, click on the indicated download button:

      Click to download Configuration Tool v3.71

      First step is to connect the Syrus Lynx to the configuration tool

      Syrus Lynx Bluetooth Sensor




      These sensors require the UUID along with the MAC

      It’s required to query the MAC with a bluetooth scanner or using the Syrus Lynx Bluetooh scanning tool

      Open the diagnostic window and send the MAC

      In UUID section type in 8 digits printed in the sensor label and select option 2

      Important to put the MAC en the Accessory Name field box

      Once you finish seting up the Lynx configuration, click on the “SAVE TO DEVICE” button at the top left corner to save all the changes into the device.

      On v2.28 it is possible to configure the sensor on “Alarm” mode only. Any time that the temperature meets the specified conditions, you will get a message that will include temperature and humidity.

      On Lynx v2.32 and Configurator’s v3.68_230217, we have an additional option which can help us get the temperature on every track point reported. You only need to check the “ERI Mask” box on the bottom right corner.

      We save the changes and wait for the temperature messages programmed or trackpoints that will include temperatures.




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