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ECU Monitor Firmware 4.2.11

Upgrade Command:



  • Improved, filters were added when the distance came from multiple sources on the bus, avoids wrong distance values in some cases


  • Added, reading of VIN for OBDII (ISO15765 29 & 11 bits) protocol
  • Added, reading of Diesel Exhaust Fluid values (DEF Level, DEF Temperature, Total DEF Used, DEF Low Level Warning)


  • Corrected, the reading of the VIN for J1939 protocol


Make sure your Syrus 2 is upgraded to the latest stable version before upgrading the ECU Monitor. See the footer of the support page for the latest stable versions.

Important! If you’re upgrading the ECU Monitor from an ECU Firmware previous to 2.1 please read the following

>>Upgrading Procedure!