The following page is for Upgrading the ECU Monitor to the Firmware Version 2.1 Follow these 5 easy Steps IN ORDER, failure to do so may render your ECU Monitor inoperable.

DCT can perform Over the air upgrades for both the Syrus 2 Firmware and the ECU Monitor Upgrade procedure if desired (as long as you’re not in a private APN). Email us to request this for free.

Before getting started, this is what the process looks like locally on Syrus Desk:

Syrus Desk ECU Monitor Firmware 2.1 Upgrade

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below the Procedure for troubleshooting:  

Step 1: Upgrade your Syrus 2 device to the latest stable firmware with the upgrade command:


Verify that the Syrus 2 Firmware has been upgraded with the following command:

>RVR; Syrus 2.1.5;ID=IMEI<


Step 2: Upgrade your ECU Monitor to Firmware 2.0 with the following command:


Allow 10 minutes to complete the upgrade, then verify that the ECU Firmware has been successfully updated to version 2.0

>RXAEM0F,20,0,0< - For the sake of upgrading we only notice the 20 after the first comma, the rest of the 
response can be different but the 20 means it's upgraded to version 2.0 successfully. 


Step 3: Upgrade your ECU Monitor to Firmware 2.1 with the following command:


Allow 10 minutes to complete the upgrade, then verify that the ECU Firmware has been successfully updated to version 2.1



Step 4: Scan de protocols on the ECU Monitor with the following commands to finish:

>SXAEMP1< - For heavy vehicles (Non-OBDII)
>SXAEMP2< - For lighter vehicles (OBDII compatible)


Step 5: Verify that the ECU Monitor is reading more parameters (or the same amount as before):


Paste the response below:



My Syrus 2 won't upgrade to the latest stable version?

Make sure you have proper network coverage to start the Firmware Upgrade procedure, if your Syrus 2 did not upgrade the first time you sent the >SXAFU0C< command, reset the device: >SRT< and try again.

Will I lose anything from upgrading?

No, what you are actually doing is downloading a file, much like when you download something on the internet, if it fails for any reason it’s erased safely. There will be no changes to your script nor device behavior, only additions and improvements.

ECU Monitor stayed in the same firmware version?

Make sure you wait the 10 minutes needed to fully upgrade the ECU Monitor. If the upgrade failed, reset the Syrus with the command: >SRT< and try the firmware upgrade again, please do not proceed until you are sure the upgrade was successful.

My ECU monitor will not read any parameters?

Make sure you have scanned the protocols with Step 4 above. If you do not do this the ECU monitor will not recognize any values. Also, make sure your truck/vehicle is turned on when you are Querying the >QXAEM0< command to scan the parameters, as the vehicle will only show CAN Bus / OBDII information when it is on. If the problem persists, please contact

DCT Support for additional help.

Can I upgrade directly to ECU Firmware 2.0 if I have a previous Firmware Version for the ECU?

As long as you have ECU Firmware version 1.5 or above, you can upgrade directly to Firmware 2.0 (>SXAEM1ecu_20<) with no problems, should you have an ECU Firmware with a version lower than 1.5 please contact DCT Support.

I am behind a private APN, how should I proceed?

Please contact DCT Support for the firmware files and instructions on how to set this up on a private FTP.

Will future firmware upgrades require these many steps?

No, this will be a one time requirement, from here on out the Firmware releases should only require you send one command to the ECU Monitor.