Syrus Desk is a software tool used to configure and interact with your Syrus GPS devices. It features:

  • Script Loading
  • Syrus Scripter
  • Lara Polygon Converter
  • Realtime status of Network/Buffer/GPS conditions
  • Command Macros
  • Multiple device connectivity


How to Upload a Script


– Troubleshooting – Connections

new – v1.0.5 – head to the Download page to get the latest version of Syrusdesk, which has some improvements in the response/timeout mechanisms.

  1. Disconnect the Power Supply, Battery, and SIM, connect the Power Supply, Battery, and wait for the RED LED, then insert the SIM.
  2. If the unit is blocked through the serial port with the command XALL – you need to unblock it before using SyrusDesk.
  3. If you were in camera mode use any terminal application to send EXIT_COMMDATA through the serial port
  4. Make sure the Syrus baud rate is 115200
  5. Disconnect any other devices using the USB ports on your computer
  6. If using windows 7, right-click and run as Admin
  7. Finally Make sure the IMEI of the device is set as the ID >SXAID1<

If you see >RER00:QXASF00;ID=IMEI< please uncheck the Run diagnostics (top-right) and proceed to upgrade the FW with the >SXAFU0B< command. Proper FW should be 1.3.42 and above.

If you see that these messages in RED do not be alarmed, just reload the script and it should upload correctly after a couple of tries.