Syrus 3 & CloudConnect Firmwares 3.4.53 (beta)


This firmware upgrade includes Firmware Plugins, this ONLY applies to clients that are not using Pegasus application, it means that certain interactions with some accessories are restricted unless you unlock it with the purchase of a firmware plugin.  If you are a Pegasus Gateway user you don't need to worry about this notice. Please refer to the Firmware Plugins page for more information on these plugins.

Upgrade Commands

  Syrus CC


  Syrus CC Plus


  Syrus 3GLC


  Syrus 3


  Syrus 3GBT


  *Upgrade all command:


*The upgrade all command is safe to send to any Syrus 3 device family from above, and automatically upgrades the Microcontroller & Bluetooth firmware (if necessary).


        •  improvements to the virtual odometer [vo] to avoid jumps caused from unexpected resets.