Pegasus Release Notes Updates

Core API Updates

  • Added low battery and power loss events to Syrus Lynx devices
  • Atrack: Added support for clutch with no brakes and coasting events
  • Concox: Support for JM-VL03 alarm events (released a while back, forgot to announce)
  • Teltonika: Error trouble codes reported are saved in the ecu_error4 field (released a while back, forgot to announce)
  • Teltonika: Updated the field used to read the fuel escort accessory values
  • Syrus-lynx: Improvements to the hourmeter, battery level, output used, and input availability


  • New service worker implementation; improves speed of resources rendering, you’ll notice a significant performance boost in large sites
  • Improved validations in the appearance section, the logo and page background can be empty or has to start with https, and the links can either be # or has to start with https
  • Added more URLs to the links in the appearance section, links can now start with tel: or mailto: as well
  • Fixed sometimes the site required reloading / clearing cache to load all entities
  • Translation of forgot password in login page
  • The settings page allows links that contain tel: and mailto:


  • TPMS related triggers were improved
  • Added trigger template options for events related to ADAS, DMS, & Driving Behavior


  • Assets that are no longer detected are hidden from the tracking list asset-view
  • Added name of geofence in list of photos captured
  • Fixed exploration mode dialog in Google Maps
  • Fixed the status of a route in the tracking list
  • When the asset is no longer present it now shows an empty asset card in tracking dashboard
  • Fixed output pending status activation
  • Rolled back a couple french translations
  • IO expander sensors are removed when the accessory is disconnected
  • Added an option for the vehicle selector to be sorted by name or ID
  • Entity status translation improvements in French :flag-fr:


  • Added new ECU charts for distance, idling, and engine ON time
  • Trip stops now shows the durations of idlings while stopped
  • Fixed an issue that caused some columns to not be marked as having No Data when they had no data

Vehicle Counters

  • The ecu_dist counter now accepts over 1M km (previously it was only the dev_dist counter) ((note that this edits the vehicle_ecu_dist counter))


  • Removed shared button for non-admin users
  • Added permission for enabling camera use in forms within pegapp
  • Pre-inspection forms are prefilled with table data (all values in Good) Changes
  • Forms are autofilled by default now


  • Fixed group amount when 1 vehicle selected
  • Added a dashboard for forms filled out
  • New dashboard available: Automation & Triggers Dashboard, requires "44a7dbb0-a2d4-11eb-9f6c-e9e47a7e35af": "kibana" in Pegasus Dashboard Settings (see pegasus1 for example)
  • Driving Analysis: added events for No Driver & Seatbelt
  • Fleet Status & Engine Telematics added support for French language

Mass Commands

  • Removed auto capitalization of commands


  • Fixed a bug when copying a user and the features weren’t passed
  • Fixed the SMS commands API for super sims
  • SIMs - Added an indicator in the sim section to identify wireless, super, or vodafone sims
  • Org > SIMs: super sims now show the plan name in the Plan column
  • Sims> SIM consumption was added for SIMs in inactive state
  • Devices> Improvements to the trip management, and added support for trips by Label, also made generally available to all devices
  • Users> Scope translation improvements in French :flag-fr:


  • General: Added better validations for the reports names when scheduling them, now they can include slashes and other special characters
  • Multiple Reports: Teltonika devices with eco-driving events show consistent counts across multiple reports
  • Activity Details: Improvements to the activity details rendering of more vehicles
  • Temperature: Added temperature sensor names and removed duplicate temperature items
  • Visits: Fixed bug with the duration of visits that started with a trip event
  • Events Count: Added a peripherals column, which shows the ibutton or rfid reported per event also fixed the source of the speed, prioritizes ecu if reported
  • General: Aliases used for the URL in reports (for whitelabel purposes)
  • Temperature: Improvements to the temperature summary page
  • Fuel: Filling detection improvements
  • Mileage: Improvements for distance used when reported by certain third party devices


  • Fixed a bug where the UI would show an error message when saving a forwarder successfully
  • Implementation of new webservices with EMSA
  • Implementation of Brasilrisk & Goldcar webservices
  • Added support for additional vehicle information in json_fwd, including: sim, satcom, sigfox, connection, etc. (a UI to show this coming in future release)