Microcontroller (Interface) Firmware

  Model Microcontroller (Interface) Upgrade Command Syrus 3 Bluetooth (S3GBT-2481) >SIV1.9.1.4T< Syrus 3G+ (S3G-2480) >SIV1.9.1.4T< Syrus 3GLC (SL3G-1645) >SIV1.9.1.4C< Syrus 3 US/EU (SY-2340) >SIV1.9.1.4F< Syrus CloudConnect (SL-1445) >SIV1.9.1.4L< Syrus CloudConnect Plus (SL-1645) >SIV1.9.1.4W< Added 3 new thresholds were added for the Aggressive Curve detection algorithm. New thresholds are S6(100 milli-g), S7(150 milli-g) and S5(200 milli-g)….

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