Getting Started – Syrus IoT Tag

To get started with the Syrus IoT Tag, you’ll need to power up a Syrus 3BT.


Step 1: Power your Syrus 3G BT



Step 2: Download the SyrusBT Interface App

Take me to iTunes! Take me to Play Store!

Step 3: Pair your device


Step 4: Link the App to your Gateway

On the main menu of the app click the Link to Pegasus Gateway.
Then login to your Gateway to generate a Generate QR Code


Scan it on the app

Step 5: Upgrade Firmwares

Make sure the firmwares are all upgraded

Step 6: Download the Device Configuration

Managed Configuration called: “Syrus Bluetooth TAG for Developers V1”

or Device Control Configuration called: “Syrus Bluetooth TAG for Developers (editable)”

You can choose to download the configuration from the app or directly from the gateway

For the managed configuration, go to: Org -> Devices

For the Device Control Configuration, go to: Device Control -> Configurations, select the Syrus BT TAG for Developers (editable) configuration and select the vehicle to load it to.

Device Control Configuration


Step 7: Start Playing with the Tag

Once the configuration is synchronized you can start playing with the tag.