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    Michel Castaño

    According to Syrus 4 Manual, there are a set of System Tools that are in charge of enabling/disabling and resetting specific hardware functionalities. They can also be used to interact with some Linux applications such as hostapd which is used for bringing up a hotspot.


    These System Tools are console commands starting with apx- and they are usually sent via USB through a bash console as seen in the following example:


    When necessary there is a way to send this commands via Pegasus console with the same result as in bash



    Let’s turn on and off the blue led Over the console:

    Bash apx- command is

    So, for example to turn Blue led on and off the bash commands are
    sudo apx-leds blue on

    sudo apx-leds blue off

    From Pegasus console is the same command but adding SXAEC:: prefix at the beginning of the command:

    Syrus replies back the command and an OK at the end confirming the result

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