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      Russell Medina

      It is common to see error 04 when we try to send a command in the console, in the following image we can see a clear example of this error.




      Error 04 occurs because the unit has a managed configuration protected by Pegasus. This is critical to ensure that no one can tamper with the settings and leave them buggy.
      To solve the problem and for the platform to allow us to send commands from the console, we have to do the following.

      Step 1.- Identify the configuration that our device has. We can do this from the console as shown in the following image.



      Step 2.- Then we go to the side panel and click on the configuration manager.




      Step 3.- Now we select managed configurations.



      Step 4.- Now we enter the configuration that we identified before.




      Step 5.- Next we go to the section of allowed commands.



      Step 6.- Now we enter the command and press the button with the plus symbol to add it to the list of allowed commands.



      Note: It always opens with the “>” symbol followed by the rest of the command you want to allow but never closes with the “<” symbol.


      Examples …

      BAD         >SXAKA<

      BAD           SXAKA

      Good        >SXAKA


      Step 7.- Finally, we press the button that I indicate in the following image to save the changes.



      Now that the command is in the list of allowed commands, the console will no longer return error 04.

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