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      Felipe Trujillo

      We are going to see the necessary steps to make an instance of syrus 4, the first thing would be to know what we mean by instance, it is simply the configuration in the cloud that is sent to our computers, it consists of two files configuration and the destination

      to access them you have to go to the page:

      menu application

      page vista application

      Now in this menu click on

      edit conf

      In this section you can edit o create the files

      in the destination file we will find only one line that contains the following

      Let’s break down what this line means that helps us configure the destination

      When we open the configuration file the most common thing is that we see a line as it is

      Groups can be defined in order to get multiple events reporting to the same destination, to send events it is necessary to have a group, this will go in each event and at the end it is declared in which destination each group will be transmitted

      the next part that we can see in the configuration file is  the counters these are required for correct functionality on Pegasus

      in the first part we have the counters that we dont need put a threshold or reset, the second part the counter start with “set” word are counters that we need put a threshold or a value

      Another necessary part are the fieldsets which indicate where the information falls, some Pegasus already knows, others you have to put your word on what it was in syrus 3 and then look for the corresponding signal to report it in the appropriate fieldset

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>It is important to put “define fieldset name_fieldset” following the previous rules to name, Putting the fieldset that we need ($io and $gnss do not need to declare the field like XAEF command) the rest would be like the following example
      we can observe this parameter in xaef of syrus 3 in this way:
      JO: Jamming detected. Only available for Syrus with platform EHS6.</p>
      in syrus 4 we can put it as

      the signals and the fieldset can be seen in the following link:

      To make a tracking resolution we need to define it, define the signals that we will use to activate or deactivate it, declare the actions to set the times, angles and distance that we will use, set the event

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