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      To have the best performance of the application on your Smartphone, it is necessary to configure it correctly so that background processing is not limited.

      First consult the following link to verify that your Android system is correctly configured with the application.

      Once it has been verified that everything is as in the review guide, we proceed to the following.

      Each model of mobile device has some tool/software to optimize the battery of the device, however, this considerably affects the processes in the background. If you have the latest version of the application, it should have an informative section, like the one that appears in the image.

      Informative section

      In this section you will find the information necessary to configure your device and disable any software of the brand that is causing conflict with the background processes or the suspension of the application.

      Having the Smartphone well configured, you can take the following recommendations so that the application has the best tracking performance.

      • Before starting the tracking make sure you have good GPS coverage so that the location is as accurate as possible and does not have jumps or take the last valid location.
      • To have a more accurate trip record use the options that the application has to start/end the trips directly from the app.

      Start/End trips

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