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      In this forum we will show how to configure alerts for when a device is not updating the odometer even while in motion.

      To begin we will have to go to the Automation section and create a trigger by pressing the + button that is in the upper right.

      Create Trigger

      In the trigger creation interface, the Name and Description fields must be filled, in the same way, select the Entities in which the trigger will be applied, once those fields have been filled, we will proceed to the condition.

      1.-We press the button to add condition, the following interface should appear and we select the option to build a condition.

      Build condition

      2.-We look for the dev_dist field by entering the word in the search engine, and in the results we select the first result or the one that has the dev_dist field

      dev_dist field

      3.-When we are building the condition of the dev_dist field, we must change the operation that will be carried out by positive change.

      Positive change operation

      4.-Make sure that the option of IS NOT is selected and you have filled the value of 0.01 km in the Every field, with the condition built we proceed to save and add it.

      dev_dist condition

      5.-Now we add one more condition, we look for the Movement category and select the condition of Speed ​​reported greater than.

      Select speed condition

      6.-Now we configure the speed we want in this case 15km / hr, however you can consider the speed you want.

      Speed condition

      7.-Having already defined the conditions, it would be as follows and you can configure a message for the alert.

      Trigger conditions

      8.-We would proceed to create the alert, in the actions section and selecting the Alerts box.

      Configure alert

      9.-Finally, it would only be necessary to set a firing rate, so that it is not fired every time an event is generated in vehicles that have this problem. For example, it is only triggered once every 6 hours per entity or according to your preference.

      Firing limit

      NOTE: This alert has a margin of error, since if a device constantly reports for example every second and travels less than 10m in the course of 2 events, it may trigger, to reduce this margin of error you can use a higher speed in the condition of reported Speed ​​greater than.

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