A complete hosted solution to professionally manage your Syrus devices. Specially designed for service providers that use their own backend platform/server and want to integrate any of the features Syrus can offer.

  • Hosted solution on a secure server: https://pegasus1.pegasusgateway.com
  • Select from 50+ custom Syrus managed configurations, or build your own
  • Automatic firmware updates and advanced diagnostics with remote 2-way communication console
  • Automatic SIM card discovery and association
  • Organization module for easy management of Groups, Vehicles, Assets, Devices, and SIMs
  • Develop your own webservice to inject data from a JSON Forwarder
  • Data backup for up to 12 months
  • Pricing
    • Monthly access fee: $100 USD
    • Includes 100 Syrus devices
    • Includes 1 JSON forwarder
    • Includes 12 months of data backup
    • Personalized communication channel via Slack
    • Access to the API
    • Includes 2,500 events per vehicle per day
  • Additional services
    • After 100 devices, each additional device: $1 USD/monthly
    • After 1 forwarder, each additional forwarder: $200 USD/monthly

$100.00 / month