SPI Trips Algorithm

This plugin gives Syrus the ability to send precise trip data once a trip is marked as completed. Trips can be started or stopped on demand, based on an action from different conditions, based on the movement of the device or based on the ignition state.

Once a trip starts the Syrus will collect information about various metrics, including the distance traveled, time spent with the ignition on, idling time, overspeed time, and many more, down to the seconds.

It is compatible with any Syrus device


  • Trip status – at rest or moving
  • Location of start and stop of trip
  • Trip distance and duration
  • Max speed – time, location, and precision
  • Average speed
  • Max positive acceleration & deceleration
  • Total and idling fuel consumed
  • Over speed and over RPM thresholds
  • Time spent with good GPS
  • Time spent without communication
  • Percentage of trip spent going uphill/downhill