SPI Fatigue Alert / Photo Camera

This plugin gives Syrus the ability to interact with fatigue alert sensors and capture photos at the right moment, when the driver is distracted while driving, or is falling asleep. The plugin is also compatible with the photo capturing camera. This camera captures photos on request and can upload them via FTP.

The fatigue alert sensor automatically captures photos when the driver is not paying attention to the road. The photo capturing camera can take a picture automatically from an event, for example a hard braking event occurred capture a photo, or a button was pressed/door opened then capture a photo.

It is compatible with any device that has an RS-232 interface

Fatigue alert sensor:

  • Alarm when camera is blocked or driver is not detected
  • Automatic photo capturing based on the driver’s fatigue
  • Max speed to indicate if the fatigue alert sensor should issue a verbal warning
  • Min speed for the fatigue monitoring to occur

Photo capturing:

  • Low, medium, and high resolution images
  • Take pictures based on any event
  • With the serial expander up to 3 cameras can take photos simultaneously

For more information please visit the Fatigue alert sensor page