SPI Bluetooth Tag

This plugin gives Syrus the ability to interact with the Bluetooth tag. The Syrus Bluetooth tag can work in a normal mode and beacon mode. The normal mode has access to 8 different sensors, that are configurable and can be enabled or disabled. The beacon mode can be used for detecting presence of the tag quickly.

Sensor mode:

  • Measure the temperature and humidity of a product
  • Detect when a magnetic contact has been opened
  • Detect when something has moved
  • Detect when something has been opened due to light
  • Panic button applications

Beacon mode:

  • Sense the presence of up to 100 different tags
  • Take actions when any of the tags are moved
  • Automatic driver identification

It is compatible with any device that has a Bluetooth interface

For more information please visit the Syrus Bluetooth IoT Tag page