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    Jose R.

    With DCT Intelligent eco-system of software, hardware and cloud data you can control your entire fleet 24/7, then add optional fully integrated accesories to our Syrus devices for infiinite posibilities.
    Here is a list of already fully integrated accesories with Syrus devices:

    AUDIO KIT – Hands free device to interact/communicate with a driver and/or listen only mode.

    BLUETOOTH TAG – Programmable or stand-alone applications and expanded SYRUS 3G Bluetooth actionable intelligence.

    CAMERA – Photo camera accessory connects to the Syrus via (RS-232) serial port (RX & TX cables)

    DRIVER ID – Identify a driver to know who and when a vehicle is driven

    ECU-MONITOR – Reads multiple parameters from the vehicle’s onboard computer to be integrated with SYRUS intelligent event engine

    FATIGUE ALERT SENSOR – Eyealert distracted driving and faigue warning system

    FUEL LEVEL SENSOR – Accurately measures fuel level and volume in tanks of vehicles and stationary units.

    GARMIN – Help drivers and dispatchers improve customer response and optimize fleet resources

    INPUT/OUTPUT EXPANER – Add extra inputs and outputs that can be used in the same way the built-in Input / Outputs are used.

    MOBILEYE – Advance driver assistance solution

    RFID READERS – Fully integrated UHF RFID reader

    SATCOM – External Satellite Communicator enables Syrus tracking devices with Iridium’s truly global data network coverage.

    SERIAL PORT EXPANDER – Allows smart integrations for up to 3 external devices working simultaneously.

    SYRUS ANALOG EXPANDER – Add extra analog inputs to your syrus device

    TEMPERATURE SENSOR – Allows up to 3 simultaneous temperature measurements with ± 0.4°C accuracy

    TPMS – Tire pressure monitoring and electronic tire information system

    *THIRD PARTY DEVICES – Pegasus Gateway is compatible with third-party accessories, fully supported by SYRUS Cloud-based APIs, ready for IoT interaction with Smart Ecosystems.


    For accesories' additional information and applications visit DCT Website
    *For accesories' details and integration visit our Online Support Library
    For additional questions contact:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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