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      Russell Medina

      The countdown can be used in different types of applications and situations, especially when we need to determinate the persistence of a certain state.


      These are some examples of use:

      ·         Power Loss for more than one period of time

      ·         Stay within a geo-fence for more than a certain time

      ·         Speed ​​reported for more than a certain time

      ·         Etc

      In this example, will be analyzed the first option, we will create a trigger that helps us to determine when one of our devices loses energy for more than 30 minutes.


      This task is defined in two sections.

      1. Definition of the main trigger (countdown generation)

      2. Definition of auxiliary trigger (cancellation of the countdown)


      Definition of the main trigger (countdown generation).


      The first step is create a new trigger:


      After that we must put a name and select the conditions, in this case the trigger name will be: Loss of energy for 30 minutes.

      The meet condition will be “looses power”.


      Now, we only have to indicate for which vehicle or group of vehicles we will apply the condition and define the alert method we want to receive.



      To end with this trigger, we go to the options section, here we go to the Countdown section (by entity).

      * This countdown is applied individually for each of the devices that apply in the group.

      In this case we will place a time of 30 minutes, to ensure we have an alert when any of the vehicles meets this condition, after that we will save the trigger.


      We save the trigger
      Definition of auxiliary trigger (cancellation of the countdown)

      We will create a new trigger that will help us to cancel the condition of the countdown:


      The condition that generates this trigger must be the function opposite to the first trigger created, for this example it will be the condition Recovers the power.



      Must be selected the same groups and / or vehicles of the previous trigger.

      This second trigger can be a “silent” trigger, because the intention of this trigger is to eliminate the countdown of the previous trigger.


      We will finish by selecting the options section and put the name of our previous trigger in the section: Delete the active countdown for the following triggers:


      We save the trigger

      This way we finish!


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